Matt LeBlanc & Jenna Fischer Will Star In A Sitcom Together, But Would Their Iconic Characters Get Along?

If your perfect lazy Sunday involves curling up and alternating between reruns of The Office and Friends, then you're in luck, because an upcoming sitcom is officially combining two of the best parts of both shows. The workplace mockumentary series, and the Manhattan-set sitcom, are still very much beloved by fans, and, now, fans can see two of their favorite actors on a new CBS sitcom — as a married couple. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jenna Fischer and Matt LeBlanc will star in a new sitcom for CBS. Fischer and LeBlanc will play a married couple whose roles get reversed when Fischer's character decides to go back to work as a medical technician. LeBlanc's character must then take over a majority of the parenting duties, something that ultimately shakes up their family dynamic.

Though Fischer and LeBlanc will be playing brand-new characters, it's hard not to associate these actors with the characters they played on television for nearly a decade. Their new characters may make a fitting pair, but Fischer's mild-mannered Pam and LeBlanc's womanizing actor certainly don't seem like the best match — and their courtship certainly wouldn't go quite as well as Jim and Pam's. So how would Joey and Pam's romance go down? Here are just a few ideas...

1. Joey Would Ask Pam Out... While On A Date With Another Girl

Because let's be honest: Joey never turns down the chance to talk to a pretty face. Even if his date is in the bathroom.

2. Joey's Catchphrase Makes Pam Wildly Uncomfortable

Is the proper response "I'm fine, how are you?" Do you have to do that weird eye thing back? Help.

3. Pam Weighs The Options Of Going On A Date With Joey

Well, he is cute. And he's from Queens, which sounds downright magical.

4. Pam Meets Chandler And Really, Really Doesn't Get Him

Well, at least he's not as odd as Dwight?

5. Pam Agrees To The Date With Joey... If Only Because She Wants At Least One Exciting Story From New York

Her heart isn't in it, though.

6. It Works Out, Though, Because Joey Double-Booked Ladies This Week Anyway

Oh, well. At least all roads still lead back to Pam and Jim.

Here's hoping that their new characters will get along far better than their iconic sitcom characters would.

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