11 Satisfying Food Surgery Videos To Relieve All Your Stress

If you haven't yet experienced the wonder, you should know that The Food Surgeon is an enigma, a mystery — an Internet anomaly. Like Sia, Deadmau5 and Daft Punk, this YouTube personality is hiding away. No one knows the face behind these tantalizing videos, wherein the surgeon performs transplant feats on popular foods that are somehow mesmerizing and a little eerie at the same time. Like I said: very rare indeed. The relationship between the viewer and the content creator is often a very personal one. Vloggers, YouTube stars, and makeup gurus are all there to connect with their audience on a level that sometimes feels like a best friend talking to you. Here, the only detail we can surmise from the surgeon's videos are that the creator favors blue surgical gloves that have become a staple of the videos. That's it. There was a brief interview where we learned a few interesting tidbits about the creator's goals and process, but still no name or face.

And maybe that's for the best? Doesn't it feel good to know there are still people who we don't know out there in the world? Specifically — out there cutting into delicious treats and making videos of it online? I'd like to think so. You might also find these videos as hypnotizing and stress-relieving as I do, so if you're new to the Food Surgeon Fandom, here are a few videos you need to check out.

1. Cookie Reassignment Surgery

Here we see a raisin cookie get a chance to live its life as chocolate chip cookie. #liveyourowntruthcookie.

2. Strawberry Seed Extraction and Nutella Augmentation

Honestly, watching him extract seeds from a strawberry was so satisfying I was close to running to my local store and purchasing some myself. The added bonus of Nutella was not lost on me either.

3. Avocado In Vitro Fertilization

While I didn't know that avocados had a lot of fertility issues, I have grown aware due to this video. Thankfully we have the technology now.

4. Spinal Kit Kat Implantation In A 3 Musketeers

The difficulty levels on this are HUGE. Steady hands and a lot of practice is needed to really understand the process. Hopefully this delicious operation turned out successfully for the patient.

5. The Food Surgeon Inspired Nutella Transplant

The Food Surgeon inspired this video. It's got the familiar elements of food surgery, with an added bonus of a running commentary. I'm into it.

6. Pocket Cooking — Steak & Asparagus

Now this isn't a surgery featuring food video, but it is just as relaxing. We don't hear anything but the sounds of food preparations. Relaxing and detailed. I can't even go into how much I like these.

7. Tiny Bacon And Egg - Kawaii Cooking

Even a little bacon is good bacon. I felt like I could smell it through the computer. Phantom bacon smells are a thing.

8. Mini Food Cheeseburger

Mixing onions and burger meat, frying it and creating a tiny hamburger from scratch, is no easy feat. Lucky for us, this channel does an amazing job.

9. Mini Food Pancake

This video is worth watching for the masterful flip fail that happens. Quick cuts made up for the mistake so you can still feel like a boss.

10. Pocket Cooking — Popcorn

The beauty of popcorn popping on a stove is not lost on me. I worked in a movie theater for a year and I appreciate popcorn so much more. I think this video is soothing and satisfying in a very unique way.


Since a lot of people refer to these types of videos as "food porn," I wanted to include this. A video making fun of the concept. I laughed a lot.

Images: YouTube