Hanna's Back on 'Ravenswood'

Hanna (and her new hair extensions) arrive in Ravenswood. The scorned girlfriend is determined to speak with Miranda about their current love triangle situation — or, more accurately, fight her. Caleb informs Hanna that when he said it was complicated between him and Miranda, he meant it — Miranda is dead. After some convincing from Ms. Grunwald, Hanna decides to stick around Ravenswood and believe Caleb's ghost story.

Remy finds the ghost boy with the bleeding eyes in an old newspaper — she believes that the boy can show the five what happened to Luke and Olivia's father. Olivia, Luke, and Remy head to Mr. Matheson's old office where the bleeding boy shows them a vision of what happened the night of the former mayor's murder. Surprise, surprise: Dillon, Olivia's terrible, awful, no-good boyfriend murdered their father in an effort to save himself from the pact. When the vision is over, Remy picks up a book that Dillon dropped on his way out of the office and finds Dillon's bloody thumbprint on it. Could this be enough to stop the prosecution of Olivia and Luke's mother? Possibly — but Olivia would much rather kill Dillon first.

Looks like we finally got some answers about Collins. As suspected, Collins isn't actually a bad guy — his family has tried to protect Ravenswood for years. He tried to stop the curse by sending Miranda away, only to have it backfire. I can now breathe a sigh of relief for thinking that Collins was delightfully handsome — finally, someone who is actually LESS shady than originally thought.

More shady than we thought possible is Dillon, who has managed to both successfully murder Luke's father and kidnap his girlfriend. The teens follow Dillon to the chapel where they find Remy — and the man who made the original pact back in World War II. The pact maker tells them that they are one short in terms of the pact — which means that he must bring Miranda back to life. Collins comes to save the day and sends the man back — he isn't strong enough to kill the teens without the evil within the chapel to feed on, anyway.

Dillon runs out of the chapel into the woods where he finds Max, who tells him that she will help him get away because he bought her ice cream. Dillon stupidly believes her, and follows her through the woods... until he falls onto the train tracks where a speeding train is headed to run him down. (Ain't karma a bitch, Dillon?)

The pact maker heads to hell (or wherever) and Collins reveals that Miranda can, in fact, come back — just not this way. Collins then reveals that he has broken a jar, releasing a ghost back into Ravenswood. That ghost? Caleb Rivers — the other Caleb Rivers, that is.

Modern-day Caleb, who has apparently been ignoring his house guest, goes to say goodbye to Hanna. He asks her if she believes his ghost story, and she says that she doesn't know. She tells him that no one will be able to make her as happy as he can. They kiss as Miranda watches, sadly, from the distance.

But just as I was giving up hope for Miranda to ever have a love life in the afterworld, Caleb's doppelganger spots the lonely spirit on the park bench! He goes to Miranda — in his old-timey clothes and all! — and we realize that, hey, there may be a love connection here. I'm a little confused as to whether old Caleb and new Miranda can be a thing when old Miranda exists, but hey, Ravenswood isn't big on logic.

And so concludes the winter season of Ravenswood. I have to say, this episode did wonders for the show — it managed to tie together some major mysteries, close the chapter on annoying characters (DILLON!!!), and give us some insight onto which side everyone is really on. While I was a big Haleb shipper, I'm glad that this episode sent Hanna off for (seemingly) good — though Ravenswood may be a Pretty Little Liars spinoff, these two shows really exist in completely different worlds and I'd rather not have their mythologies intersect again. Ravenswood is kooky and sometimes strays a little far into the hokey category (any scene with the pact maker, for example), but overall it's a surprisingly creepy and fun show that is perfect for ABC Family. While you are missing it, you should most definitely tune into the OTHER creep-tastic show ABC Family has to offer, Twisted, which returns in the Ravenswood time slot next week.

Until next time, friends!

Image: ABC Family