Weird Grooming Tools You Need In Your Life That You Didn't Know About

When faced with weird beauty gadgets, our remarks can range from "What is that?" to "I've been trying to find this thing for ages!" Whether or not you knew these bizarre grooming tools existed, they can vastly improve your life. Sure, some of them seem to promise crazy things, and others just straight-up look like they're from outer space. But don't let your fear of the unknown get the best of you! You might just find that these items are exactly what your beauty closet needs.

For instance, did you know that tiny, cosmetic spatulas exist to help you scrape every last bit of product out of your make-up bottles? Were you aware of the gloriousness of this vibrating makeup applicator that will give you incredible coverage and speed up your beauty routine? So, if your friends look at you like you're a crazy person every time you pull one of these out of your bag, remind them of the following: One, they should mind their manners. Two, they shouldn't be so quick to judge. After all, these so-called "weird" grooming tools that can seriously simplify their beauty routines, too.

A Vibrating Makeup Applicator For Even Coverage

Artist Wave Auto Makeup Applicator, $32, Amazon

Forget tirelessly rubbing in foundation with your fingertips or a brush! This vibrating makeup applicator will glide on smoothly and comfortably to give you amazing coverage. In addition to speeding up your beauty routine, it's compatible with most makeup bases. Another bonus: its anti-bacterial puff helps stave off pesky pimples.

A Cosmetic Spatula That Reaches Those Last Traces Of Product

Spatty Daddy 6" Extend Your Beauty Tool , $12, Amazon

Nothing is more frustrating than having product left at the bottom of your favorite (and expensive) cosmetic bottle. Don't fret! This cosmetic spatula is here to rescue you from tragic reality. It's tiny and flexible, and it will extract even the deepest dregs of your favorite foundation. It's also dishwasher-safe, making it easy to fight the spread of bacteria onto your skin.

A Wearable Nail Polish Holder That Prevents Spillage

Tweexy Original Nail Polish Holder , $10, Amazon

Giving yourself the perfect mani without spilling your nail polish is a serious struggle. Luckily, this nail polish holder does it all for you. It keeps polish at the perfect angle for dipping your brush. Users also praise it for adapting to any nail polish bottle for a secure hold. Not to mention, it'll save you from ever having to scrub nail polish off of your carpet again.

A DIY Hair-Removal Device

Silk'n Flash&Go Hair Removal Device , $149, Amazon

You don't need to schedule an expensive waxing appointment to remove unwanted hair. This light-based hair removal system works great on the smallest and most sensitive areas of your skin, including your bikini line and underarms. It has pulse speed, so your treatment is finished in about the amount of time it takes you to watch an episode of Girls. As an added bonus, it's FDA approved for at-home use.

A Sanitary Falsies Applicator

False Eyelash Stainless Steel Applicator , $5, Amazon

Hands off that lash line! When it comes to applying false lashes, this stainless steel falsies applicator eliminates bacterial infections from the process. Translation: no more threatening your eyes with your dirty fingers. Furthermore, it fastens the lashes much more securely and evenly than fingers do alone.

A Cordless Hair Straightener

Conair Cordless 3/4 Inch Straightener , $22, Amazon

No cords, no problem! This cordless straightening iron contains a replaceable gas cartridge that will last you months before needing to be switched out. It has a fast-heating feature that's perfect for when you're in a rush (it heats up in just under two minutes). Plus, it's compact and easy to use for spontaneous touch-ups, no matter where are. In other words, it's ideal for your next vacay.

An Ultra-Cleansing, Frizz-Free Shower Filter

T3 Source Showerhead Shower Filter , $130, Amazon

There's a good chance your shower water is negatively affecting your hair, and you didn't even know! (Gasp!) This shower filter is a game-changer, removing up to 95 percent of chlorine from your shower water. The pure, enhanced water from this shower head will give your hair a more vibrant color while boosting its shine and body. Even better, it'll knock out the frizz (it's proven to reduce frizziness by 49 percent). Pro Tip: replace this shower head every six months for best results.

The 360-Degree Styling Brush

Aoohe 3D Spherical Comb Japan Curl Brush , $7, Amazon

This Japanese sphere brush looks like it comes from another planet — one where its natives have constantly good hair days. The 360-degree design smooths hair at any angle, and the range of movement will give you fuller curls when you're blow drying. Plus, it'll massage your scalp without creating an embarrassing dandruff situation.

Mess-Free Eye Shadow Shields

S hadow Shields, 30 Count Box (Pack of 2), $12, Amazon

These eye shadow shields fit perfectly under your baby blues to guard against falling shadow as you work on your smoky eye. Don't worry about using them over your foundation; they're safe to put on top of your base without messing up your look. You'll save significant time on dabbing make-up remover under your eye, and you'll save on under-eye powders to reverse residual mascara or under-eye glitter.

A Facial-Hair Removing Threader

Bellessentials Facial Hair Remover Threading Tool , $11, Amazon

It looks like a slinky, but removes hair like a pro. This gentle threader whisks facial hair away without the pain of waxing or tweezing. You simply bend the tool into a "U" shape and slide it down the part of your face where you want to remove hair. It won't damage your skin, and it's compact and easy to pack for long weekend trips.

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