'Downton Abbey' Stars Laura Carmichael & Michael Fox Might Be Dating, So Looks Like Edith's Happy Off-Screen, Too

Just because Downton Abbey is officially over doesn't mean the cast won't be spotted together every now and again. And apparently that is especially the case for two stars. Us Weekly is reporting that Laura Carmichael and Michael Fox are dating in real life. Now, let me translate for Downton fans: Lady Edith and Andy might be a couple. Um, what about Bertie Pelham and Daisy, you two? Oh, sorry, I forgot for a moment that's all fiction.

Based on some pictures of the two shopping in London Saturday, March 5, many are assuming Carmichael and Fox are very much making their professional relationship personal. Apparently, (and while I was under a rock somewhere not paying attention to this important news), rumors about the British actors dating began circulating at the end of January.

Per The Sun, a source revealed, "Laura and Michael struck up a great friendship during filming last year. They started off as mates but quickly realized there was chemistry there and decided to start dating." The insider added, "The best part is that since the show ended they have had a lot more time to spend with each other."

Are any other Downton fans kind of freaking out over this? My forever loving Downton heart can't get over these two possibly being a real-life couple. It's so exciting!

Part of me is thrilled for them, because that means Edith's found love off screen, too! It's like Carmichael and Edith are connected somehow and it's just all about their happiness right now. Then, there is part of me that is hoping Fox and Carmichael are definitely dating, simply because they'd have the best shipper name ever: "Laura CarMichael Fox." How perfect is that?

With that, let's all rejoice in the fact that two Downton Abbey cast members might be a real-life couple. Sometimes all you need is a TV series to bring you together.


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