'Catfish' Couple Leuh & Justin Met On Instagram, But Their Love Might Not Make It Offline

The typical Catfish story tends to only end one way: badly. While a couple may occasionally overcome their initial lies in order to tentatively start a new, honest relationship, the victim of a catfish usually wants nothing more than to move on from the deception. But on this week's Catfish , Justin and Leuh might make you want to believe that the too-good-to-be-true online BF is actually real. It's all because of Leuh, who is perhaps the sweetest person to ever be duped on MTV. Now, are the chances good that Justin, the guy Leuh met and started to fall in love with exclusively through Instagram, is who he says he is? No. But even a Catfish veteran doesn't want to see Leuh disappointed. Even though she fell into the same trap that has tricked countless people on previous episodes, she's still somehow relatable.

With a little bit of research, the plot thickens even further. (That's right, Nev isn't the only one who can wield Google. Hit me up, MTV.) Leuh says she doesn't know Justin's last name, but publicly visible Facebook and Twitter profiles under the name of Justin Croom seem to match the pictures shown in the Catfish preview.

However, "Justin" wrote that he was in a relationship with a person other than Leuh as of early 2015. Since Leuh already mentioned that she hasn't added Justin on Facebook, Nev and Max's research might uncover that either Justin has a different GF in real life, or that someone has stolen Justin's pictures and used them in an Instagram account that Leuh has been talking to. His own Instagram remains private.

But maybe it's for the best that Leuh and Justin's relationship is probably doomed, since it doesn't seem particularly healthy. Leuh has been getting tattoos because she wants to make sure she's the heavily-tattooed Justin's "type." That's a little heartbreaking. But judging by her online presence, Leuh seems to be confidently moving on in her life, with or without Justin. She moved from Rochester, New York to California.

And she recently Tweeted at Justin Croom, joking that he rarely uses the social media app, proving that even if Croom isn't the person she was talking to before, they know one another now (possibly through Catfish).

But the fact that the owner of the Justin Croom profile is in contact with Leuh now leaves an oh-so-small chance that these two might actually have managed to make a relationship — romantic or otherwise — work after Catfish. The past four seasons of the show suggest that the odds aren't on their side, but something makes me want to believe.