Marissa Cooper's Secret 'DWTS' Plan

O.C. fans, the best thing has happened to us since, well, probably the premiere of the show in 2003. Mischa Barton will be on Season 22 of Dancing With the Stars. Or, as we know her, the ultimate cool girl of the 2000's, Marissa Cooper. I know, I know. Squeal, sing, scream, do whatever you need to in order to properly express your joy over seeing Marissa alive and well once again. This is a big day for us all, especially when you consider that we’ve had to mourn Marissa Cooper for 10 long years.

But let’s dig into the happier end of this news, first. For one, Barton's going to be paired with professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev. And she seems to be pumped for the big show, if her Instagram picture with her dancing partner is any indication. She captioned it, "@artemchigvintse - here we go.... @dwts!!!!" Hopefully, Ryan Atwood won't be too jealous that his former lover is going to be performing intimately with Chigvintsev — though, it’s a toss up, really. You know Ryan. He's got a short temper. Perhaps her miraculous resurrection will be enough for him to stay relatively level headed about it.

Yeah, I know, I’m blurring the lines between reality and fiction. But I’ve got good reason to, because everything about Marissa Cooper’s controversial death now makes sense. She was simply planning her Dancing With the Stars appearance this whole time.

OK, Sure. So We Saw That She "Died"

Not certain I ever really recovered from this, tbh. Something about it just felt off.

But Did She Really?

Me thinks Marissa faked her death to start life anew.

Hear Me Out. Let's Take A Look At Some Evidence...

Oh yeah, Marissa? Why not? Death is very worrisome.

How Interesting

Different how?

She Even Doubled Down On The Whole Leaving Thing

So, she went. But where did she go? On a direct path to Season 22 of Dancing With The Stars, that's where.

You See, She's Always Had A Thing For Music

Why not take a stab at it professionally, ya know?

She's Quite Strong

You have to be in tip top shape to be a worthy competitor.

She Knew About The Importance Of Carbohydrates

Which are especially vital with the rigorous work out the DWTS competitors have to endure.

And Lest We Forget That She Dropped This V. Telling Clue

What's a great way to test that out? Uh, right. Go on TV where you can LITERALLY see yourself through the eyes of the whole entire nation.

Lastly, She Has Always Been Unapologetic About Her Decisions

Even the heavy ones.

So, no, it's not crazy to think that she faked her death at 18, left behind a life of pained luxury, and lived under an alias for the past 10 years until her dream of being a ballroom dancer came to fruition.

*Flips hair* Marissa and I will see you all on the dance floor.

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