What Happens When You Start Using Natural Shampoo

by Lindsey Rose Black

It doesn't take tons of mysterious chemicals to make your hair healthy and shiny. Natural shampoos and conditioners can work wonders on hair, but prepare yourself for some of the funny, wonderful, and weird things that happen when you start using natural shampoo. It's funny how much one small natural tweak can potentially start to really change your life!

As for why you should consider making the switch to natural shampoo, the most important is directly related to your health. Specifically, the majority of chemical shampoos and conditioners often contain known carcinogens (i.e. propylene glycol and olefin sulfonate), as well as sodium lauryl sulfate which, as GlobalHealingCenter pointed out, has been linked to "cataracts in adults and improper eye development in children."

I wish it wasn't true that certain chemical shampoos can literally contain cancerous ingredients, but you deserve to know what to keep an eye out for if you choose to! If you're ever unsure about a particular beauty product, the EWG website (environmental working group) is an excellent resource for understanding the potential risk factors associated with its ingredients.

If you do decide to switch over to the natural shampoo world, prepare for some big changes not only to your hair, but also your life as a whole.

1. You'll Use Way Too Much Shampoo At First

Jason Aloe Vera Pure Natural Shampoo, $10, Amazon

Chemical shampoos foam up because of, well, chemicals (aka synthetic foaming agents). We've been trained to associate cleanliness with lathering up our strands in foamy shampoo, and you'll likely use way too much natural shampoo at first under the impression it will only work if it gets foamy.

Save yourself wasted shampoo and just trust that, as long as you're scrubbing your hair well, it will get just as clean without a dose of unnecessary chemical foam.

2. Your Hair Might Get Too Greasy (Or Too Dry)

Just like chemical shampoos, not every natural shampoo is going to be a right fit for you. It's going to be a trial-and-error process to find the perfect formula for your hair.

3. Your Scalp Could Become Less Irritated

Jason Dandruff Relief Shampoo, $10, Amazon

If you look for ingredients like "tea tree oil" and "beta glucan," you can naturally combat dandruff and scalp irritation.

4. You'll Boost Shine

Everyday Shea Moisturizing Lavender Shampoo, $14.99, Amazon

To up your shine in a totally natural way, reach for shampoos that feature shea butter and/or coconut oil.

5. You Might Pay More

Acure Organic Argan Oil Shampoo, $10.99, Amazon

Generally speaking, natural and organic shampoos cost more than their chemical rivals simply because the ingredients are all "real" and more difficult to source. In short, the cost is worth it.

6. You'll DIY More

If prices of natural shampoo do start to frustrate you, chances are high the desire to dodge harsh chemicals on your hair will drive you to seek out DIY alternatives.

Welcome to the world of DIY beauty, my friend! My favorite DIY natural shampoo recipe comes from WellnessMama, and features coconut milk! Nom.

7. You'll Be Helping The Environment

By opting for organic and natural shampoo, GlobalHealingCenter pointed out how you'll help the environment by "letting biodegradable substances go down the drain instead of harsh chemicals." Yup, more than just the amount of water you use in the shower impacts our fishy friends!

8. You'll Read Ingredient Lists Like A Hawk

While it's wise not to go overboard and panic about every single beauty product you use, starting to pay attention to what's in natural shampoos will likely trickle into your broader shopping life.

Knowing what's going on and into your body is empowering!

9. You Might Become More Of A Tree Hugger In Other Parts Of Your Life

I'll admit, after becoming a hippie with my beauty products (I am all about that DIY life), I became more informed on broader environmental and health issues, adopted a mostly plant-based diet, walk in climate change marches, and will be that friend wearing an organic hemp shirt.

It could happen to you, too!

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