When Is Lululemon's Lucent Collection Coming Out? The Reflective Running Range Is Available Soon — PHOTOS

What's better than trendy running clothes? Trendy running clothes that also keep you safe, of course! Lululemon's limited edition Lucent Collection is designed for early morning and late night runners who are looking to stay safe and get fit at the same time. This line might only have four pieces in it, but you'll want to get your hands on it as soon as it launches. If you're wondering when the Lucent running line comes out, it's time to get your wallets — and your sneakers — ready.

There's nothing better than clothing and technology coming together seamlessly. Add that to the fact that Lululemon's clothing combines style and performance and you've got one heck of a collection. The new line includes four black pieces that are super wearable and use reflective threading that's strategically placed to make sure you're seen on early morning and late night runs. With its subtle spring florals with new design approach, you'll be sure to get noticed, even in the dark.

This is the first fabric of it's kind, according to the brand, and from the looks of it, it might just be the label's best collection yet. You can wear these pieces throughout the day in a pinch and still look fashionable. What more could you need from workout gear? The limited edition collection comes out on Mar. 15, and there's no telling how fast it'll sell out. You might want to lace up and sit by your computer to get ready.

Seriously, how gorgeous is this print? The line is perfect for anyone looking to add some subtle springtime cheer to their exercise wardrobe. The line ranges from $88 to $198. Check out the rest of the pieces and start planning which ones you'll buy.

1. Lucent Tank Top

Lucent Tanks, $98

Simple, sweet, and to the point. This tank might be launching in spring, but its mesh panels and dropped arm holes make it wearable for any season.

Even in the dark, this piece is a clear stand-out.

2. Lucent Jacket

Lucent Running Jacket, $198

The water-resistent jacket is perfect for any weather. Plus the ventilation makes sure it won't stick to your sweaty skin.

Figure flattering and breathable? Yes, please.

3. Lucent Shorts

Lucent Shorts, $88

With its unique fabric and Coolmax liner, these aren't your average running shorts.

They look completely different in the dark.

4. Lucent Ice Queen Tights

Lucent Ice Queen Tights, $148

From the front these look like your typical little black tights...

But in the dark, they're anything but ordinary.

Safe and fashionable? This line couldn't get any better if it tried!

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Images: Lululemon (9)