11 Ways Phaedra Has Changed Since Joining 'RHOA'

by Marenah Dobin

From the second she joined Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks hasn't failed to bring the entertainment. She has always been quite the character with her southern belle shtick, outrageous interview quotes, and endless shade, but not everything has stayed the same for Phaedra. In fact, the 44-year-old has changed a lot from her first Real Housewives episode to now. Sure, she is still the same old Phaedra at heart, but she has so much more going on now. From her personal life, to her many careers, this is a totally different person in many respects. And I'm not hating by any means. I love every single reincarnation of Phaedra.

It's crazy to see how far the Housewife has come over the years. Phaedra joined Real Housewives of Atlanta all the back in Season 3 and the show is currently in its eighth season, so it makes sense that she has gone through so many changes during this period — it would be weird if she didn't.

From motherhood to her many different jobs to her current single status, Phaedra has really evolved in so many ways throughout her years a Real Housewife.

1. She Became A Mother

When Phaedra first joined the show she did not have any children. Now she is the mother to two of the cutest boys to ever make cameo appearances on reality TV: Ayden and Dylan Nida. They even have alter egos with Ayden's being known as the "Prince" and Dylan sometimes going by "Mr. President." Motherhood definitely suits Phaedra. She is very involved and very proud of her children.

2. She's Now On The Outs With Apollo

When Phaedra and Apollo first joined the show, they were all over each other. She was always bragging about her hot husband and putting Kenya Moore down for being single. Now, Apollo Nida is in jail and Phaedra is so over him and wants a divorce.

3. She Became A Mortician

Phaedra came on the show as a respected lawyer and now she is also a mortician. She went to school for it, as was seen on the show, and takes great pride in her work planning funerals and comforting grieving families. It was a seemingly random career change, but Phaedra can pull off pretty much anything she wants.

4. She's Friends With Porsha Williams

Phaedra used to make fun of Porsha whenever she could, but now the two are besties. From coordinating outfits, to defending each other, to even hanging out outside of filming, these two seem be best friends these days and it is just so strange considering the start of their relationship.

5. She Isn't As Close With Kandi Burruss

Phaedra and Kandi were best friends, and their husbands were close, too. They used to do so much together and Phaedra was even bridesmaid in Kandi's wedding. Then, they started to drift apart, and Phaedra felt like Kandi was too busy with her own life to take time for her while Apollo faced legal issues. Now, it seems like they are getting things back on track, but they do not seem as close as they used to be.

6. She Apologized To Kenya

After Apollo claimed that Kenya tried to hookup with him, Phaedra started being incredibly mean to Kenya and would throw out the words "whore," "ho," and "slut" pretty often without batting an eyelash. But eventually, her husband admitted that he made up the whole story and that Kenya never did anything inappropriate. Now, she has apologized and cooled it with her rudeness.

7. She Is Not Super Conservative All The Time

When Phaedra first appeared on RHOA, she was all about being the epitome of a Southern Belle. Now, Phaedra has more balance in her life and parties with the other women and dresses in a more playful nature.

8. She Has A Catchphrase

Phaedra's catchphrase "Fix it, Jesus" has become pretty well known. Just like some of her Housewives peers, she sells shirts with the quote on it. But beyond that, Nicki Minaj has quoted it several times and even said this about Phaedra on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show : "She inspires so many lyrics!" So one of the biggest celebs in the world is a fan of Phaedra Parks and that is definitely not something that Phaedra had going on before Real Housewives!

9. She Is Over Throwing Lavish Parties

During Phaedra's first couple of seasons she threw over-the-top themed parties for every milestone possible. As cool as the parties were, it just was a little much and everyone seemed pretty overwhelmed. Now, Phaedra doesn't throw crazy events and is more low-key.

10. She Went From Being Picked On To Throwing Shade

Phaedra's mysterious pregnancy was highly debated. No one believed that she was a far along in her pregnancy as she claimed. And no one believed Phaedra when she insisted that she did not get pregnant until after she was married to Apollo. I agree that it all seemed pretty suspicious, but it was her business and I feel bad that she was picked on during such a pivotal time. Nowadays, she's the one throwing shade instead of the one receiving it.

11. She's More Private These Days

Phaedra is so focused on her family and her career that she is not instigating anything on the show these days. Sure, she will clap back when someone comes at her, but she has matured a great deal. Phaedra knows that she has more important things to take care of.

Phaedra has been through a lot. It is crazy to think that all of this happened in four short years, but it's Phaedra and she's always moving forward and changing.

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