No, Kim Cattrall Is Not The Canadian PM's Mom

by April Siese

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave a rather extensive interview on CBS' 60 Minutes on Sunday. The son of former PM Pierre Trudeau detailed the more quirkier sides of his life, including a charity boxing match in which he beat controversial Sen. Patrick Brazeau. Trudeau got serious when asked about what Canadians dislike from their neighbors to the south. But his wishes for Americans to pay more attention to current events, particularly in Canada, certainly fell on deaf ears when CBS mistook actress Kim Cattrall for Justin Trudeau's mother in a photo the network displayed while asking the PM about his real mother, Margaret.

Margaret and Pierre Trudeau had separated when the photo of the Sex And The City star and the bachelor prime minister was taken. In fact, Cattrall and Pierre were romantically linked at the time. Pierre would go on to date similarly notable actresses, including Jane Fonda and Barbara Streisand, all of whom are also not Justin Trudeau's mother. Producers have since corrected the error on the 60 Minutes website and issued a statement about the photo, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "We regret the error on one of the several video and still images shown of Margaret Trudeau. It was corrected online."

The actress took the gaffe in stride, tweeting the 1981 Toronto Star photo that 60 Minutes had used in their footage and making light of what had to have been an embarrassing mistake for the acclaimed investigative journalism show.

Needless to say, the idea of a first lady Cattrall has really taken off on social media. Fans of the actress took to Photoshop to craft family portraits of Cattrall and her "son." Others honored the actress on Canadian currency, slyly petitioning to put Cattrall on the 20 dollar bill. Ottawa's Peace Tower would certainly look even more striking with a photo of the queen swapped out for Cattrall's visage. Others have gone even further and ran with the new conspiracy theory that Trudeau's "mother" once played a Vulcan lieutenant on Star Trek. This would mark the first Vulcan-Canadian PM in history of reality basically ceased to exist and Vulcan Kim Cattrall was half-human Justin Trudeau's birth mother.

Cattrall gamely retweeted the many comical accusations coming her way about the black-and-white photo of her and Pierre from way back when. She even added her own conspiracy theory to the mix. Cattrall replacing the queen on Canada's 20 dollar banknote may be nothing more than a switching of images.

Confusing day indeed. I feel you, Kim.