Big News For 'Captain America' Fans

by Michelle Lulic

You have to admit: In Captain American: The Winter Soldier, things weren't looking that good between Steve Rogers and his revived childhood friend, Bucky Barnes. However, it seems like actors Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan have nothing but good news for Bucky/Cap 'shippers. Despite all of the turmoil going on between the Avengers themselves — specifically, in regards to the disagreements between Captain America and Iron Man — the true core of Captain America's personal journey through time and power is still going to hold a special place. And, according to a recent interview with Collider, Evans and Stan have assured fans that this definitely involves the state of their friendship in the plot of Captain America: Civil War.

When we last left the Winter Solider, he appeared in a special after-credits scene where he was shown wandering around the Smithsonian Museum. Here, he came across memorabilia and photographs of himself and his past. This not only proved that he may have registered what Cap was trying to tell him when he tried reminding him of their past, but it also showed that the Bucky Barnes we knew from the war might still be in there somewhere. And, according to Stan and Evans on Collider, that's not just some fleeting notion in the next film!

"... we find the character is really where he’s at the post-credits scene at the end of Winter Soldier. So that’s where he picks up in this film. It very much is a big struggle, figuring out what his life has been about and what he’s really been up to. That’s what I think the similarity between them is. They’re men out of time, struggling to embrace this new life, and how do they do it," Stan says about Civil War, "I’ll say this. Whatever notions you had about that post-credits scene where you see him in the museum and obviously he’s staring at himself, whatever ideas you got from that scene, keep thinking about those and go with your own thoughts on that."

But, aside from Bucky's similar personal journey to the one Steve Rogers went through, what does all of this say about the state of their friendship? Well, Evans has further confirmed that — after all of these years — their friendship is still very much alive. "He’s still on the search for Bucky. That’s the thing about these movies. You go do The Avengers, you gotta put your own plot on hiatus for a second, and then we try to pick up where we left off," says Evans. "A big piece of that is searching for Bucky." *silently fangirls*

However, these two coming together in a continued friendship — and possibly fighting against Iron Man together — is just the beginning. Evans was also sure to point out that the Captain America film series could very well not be just a trilogy: "Just given what’s gonna happen in The Avengers films. You can’t really put a stamp on it [the number of films] and then dive into what they’re planning on diving into," he said.

Say whaaaat?! It's worth noting that Stan quickly joked in response: "I’m so glad you know what’s going on. Maybe we should talk a little bit more."

So, what's going to happen for Bucky and Cap in Civil War? We're going to have to wait until the movie hits theaters on May 6 to officially find out. But one thing is for sure: The bromance is definitely on. Here's to the hopes for a reunion montage that makes every fangirl bawl.

Images: Marvel Entertainment; Walt Disney Pictures