How Much Does ASOS' New Wedding Collection Cost? Budget Brides, Get Excited

Let's face it — planning a wedding can be stressful and unfortunately, so can finding that perfect gown. If you're currently feeling these pressures, the good news is that ASOS' wedding collection is about to give all of you budget brides out there something to be very excited about. If you shop at ASOS, you probably already know that variety is their bread and butter and this is also true of their wedding collection! Fitted, poofy, bohemian, classic — you name it and I'd be willing to bet you'll find a gown that matches your aesthetic in this new line.

Anyone who has been wedding shopping knows that gowns can be incredibly expensive and often times, price ranges can go up into the thousands. Because of that, the new ASOS collection prices are sure to make your jaw drop — with the most expensive option currently priced at just $305. And the best part is that the collection doesn't stop at bridal gowns! They are offering shoes, accessories, lingerie, and even bridesmaids dresses on the site. In other words, you have absolutely nothing to lose by checking out what they have to offer.

Plus, even if you're not getting married, some of these gowns would make for amazing gala attire. Since I know you're probably dying to see what exactly I'm talking about, here are a few of my favorite pieces currently available on their website:

For The Simple Bride

ASOS Deep Plunge Strappy Fishtail Maxi,, $161

Calling all brides that love a simple silhouette! This gown will look eternally stylish, yet sexy in all wedding photos for years to come.

For The Classic Bride

ASOS Bridal Pearl Crop Top Maxi,, $161

How cute are those embellishments?!

For The Boho Bride

ASOS Bridal Irridescent Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress,, $255

If you love a little bling and you're getting married in a more conservative location, this gown is the perfect cross between eye-catching and modest.

For The Glam Bride

ASOS Red Carpet All Over Embellished Leaf Placement Maxi Dress,, $305

If you're a trendsetter who can't be bothered with basic, this one will leave you looking like a celebrity walking the red carpet! After all, it is your big day!

For The Shoe Lover

ASOS High in the Sky Bridal Heeled Sandals,, $68

I couldn't end this article without showing you a pair of ASOS'! I chose these because you could totally wear them with jeans, too! There's no reason a bride shouldn't be able to wear her wedding shoes over and over.

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Images: ASOS