Is Jon Snow In The Battle In The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Trailer? This Theory Will Please Fans — VIDEO

HBO really wanted us be completely sure Jon Snow was very dead in the new Game of Thrones trailer. They wouldn't have started the jam-packed trailer out with Davos saying "He's gone" as the camera zoomed over Jon's lifeless body, Ghost by his beautiful side, if that wasn't the case. They also wouldn't have shown him dead again with a hand gently resting on his head. We get it, guys. You killed the best character on GoT, and now you're just rubbing our noses in it like how Jon would rub Ghost's nose in his droppings if he pooped inside the Castle Black. But what if he's not dead? There is a (pretty legit) theory that Jon Snow is in a battle scene in the Game of Thrones trailer. I would recognize those glorious locks anywhere, so I'm saying that theory is too legit to quit.

I mean, let's look at the facts here, Jon is dead, yeah. But Jon's also probably able to warg like his little Bran (maybe) half-brother, and Ghost is a spooky dog who's at Jon's side through the entire trailer. Meanwhile, Melisandre, who is able to do things like bring people back from the dead, so happened to be at Castle Black at the end of Season 5 and has a huge thing for royal blood, which Jon (probably) has.

Meanwhile, the image totally does look like Jon. Or, you know, any male character in the show that has long hair with broad shoulders. But who else's hair does that windswept thing (beside Beyoncé)?

Sure, he's in the back of the image, so, if it's Jon, it's a sneaky look at Jon. But isn't that what they're going for? They want us to be heartbroken that Jon's dead, and then joyful when he's alive, and then constantly nervous for him for the entire rest of the series. Let's be real here guys. It's the magical world of Game of Thrones. No one is ever really dead. (Except maybe Lady the direwolf; that pup is super dead. And Ned. Ned's probably really dead ,too.)

But Jon isn't definitely dead, and they wouldn't be toying with us this much if he was actually going to stay dead. Probably. Right? Yeah. Probably. Watch the trailer and come up with your own whacky theories with the rest of us.

Images: HBO