'The Lego Movie' Versus 'Citizen Kane'

You need to go see The Lego Movie as soon as possible because it is one of the greatest films in American cinematic history and rivals the likes of The Godfather and Singin' In the Rain. How do I know this? Because The Lego Movie has a 100 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. At least, it does currently. This could all change if just one critic sits down at his computer and goes, "Hey! This is the freakin' Lego Movie! It can't be on the same list as On The Waterfront !" and submits his "rotten" review.

When I first heard that The Lego Movie was at 100 percent I thought, "Well, it is a new movie. Maybe only two people have reviewed it so far." Nope, it's been reviewed by 22 critics all of whom agree that "The Lego Movie is totes the new Battleship Potemkin." (I'm paraphrasing.)

In honor of The Lego Movie's 100 percent status we've got a little quiz for you. Below are five quotes from reviews of both The Lego Movie and Citizen Kane , another 100 percent film. It is your job to decide which reviews go with which movie. The answers follow and no cheating!

1. "There's a strong subtext of socio-political resistance at play in [insert movie name.]"

-Cole Smithy, ColeSmithy.com

2. "Subversive. A film of demented audacity."

-Roger Moore, McClatchy-Tribune News Service

3. "An ecstasy of light and shadow, of clashing textures and graphic forms..."

-Richard Brody, New Yorker

4. "Appreciation of the film lies, perhaps aptly, in the pieces built on a pillaged foundation."

-R. Kurt Osenlund, Slant Magazine

5. "Perhaps when the uproar has died down it will be discovered that the film is not quite so good as it is considered now..."

-Anthony Bower, The Nation

And the answers...




1. The Lego Movie. Smithey goes on to say, "It may be the first mainstream animated resistance film ever made by a Hollywood studio."

2. The Lego Movie. Yes, really.

3. Citizen Kane. But it sounds like The Lego Movie has some pretty great graphics of it's own.

4. The Lego Movie. Get it? "Pieces" means Legos.

5. Citizen Kane. Bower went on to say, "...but nevertheless Hollywood will for a long time be in debt to Mr. Welles."

Currently, the number one movie on Rotten Tomatoes is Toy Story 2 simply because it is the 100 percent movie with the most reviews submitted, so The Lego Movie is not the first animated or kids movie to be so universally praised on the site. If 163 critics submit positive reviews for The Lego Movie, it will take the top spot. Only 141 reviews to go!

What do you think? Will you be seeing this "film of demented audacity" when it's released Feb.7?

Images: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.