Why Did Kylie Jenner Post This Old Photo Of Her Lips Again? Here's What Her Latest Throwback Could Mean

OK, so this is interesting... like pretty much everything our favorite style influencer and liquid lipstick maker does. Kylie Jenner posted a throwback Instagram photo, reminding us of how much her looks have evolved. Big deal, right? Actually, yes! It's the second time the teen has posted this same photo with a bit of a cryptic message. The repeat posting of this image has me wondering about the future of her super voluptuous lip look and the expansion of her makeup line. Allow me to make my case.

Last spring, Jenner copped to getting lip injections on an ep of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Then she posted this particular throwback photo around the 2015 VMAs. In the pic, we see the reality starlet's formerly thin lips, with the added graphic of pouty lips accented by wings. At the time, she noted the photo indicated her mood... whatever that meant.

The repost of the same photo, including the lip graphic, comes with a curious caption and I have some questions about what it really means.

Getting lip injections was certainly a controversial move, since it sent a message about altering one's looks and striving for unattainable beauty standards. But plumping her lips was a personal choice. She (eventually) admitted it. She has subsequently built her Kylie Lip Kit empire. But why is she reposting this pic now? Why did she then?

These are my theories.

Here's the most recent post. The caption says "Fly away my friend." I immediately wondered if that meant that she will be moving away from lip injections. Is she "kissing" them goodbye? Jenner's lips are drastically different now. Plus, her Kylie Lip Kits help her fans get similar-looking lips without resorting to assists from a doctor or injectables. Sure, you can argue that getting lip injections were a huge investment that gave rise to her best-selling Lip Kits. But some ladies like plump lips. Jenner isn't the only one. She didn't start the fad. But she did make the most of it. Why would she ditch plump lips now? Maybe it's time for a change.

Or perhaps it is a clue about her Kylie Cosmetics makeup range beyond her hard-to-get, cult status-achieving Lip Kits. Maybe she is flying higher and moving away from lip-only offerings? That's possible, too.

Here is the photo she posted back in August around the 2015 VMAs, which didn't seem to have a super deep meaning. Perhaps the duplicate, current posting indicates her fatigue with getting injections and her desire to start a whole new trend and to return to a past look? Anything is possible.

This recent no makeup selfie shows the contrast between her lips then and now. Jenner had a feature she was insecure about and she addressed it in the manner in which she felt was best for her.

Maybe her "vintage" thin lips post is a visual way to promote the Kylie Lip Kits and to show how much they plump the pout.

Whatever the case, the "old school" snap also reminds us how cute and sassy she is, regardless of her now-famous pout. Her big sister Khloe Kardashian noted that Jenner was super self-conscious about her natural lips while growing up and would cover them in photos. Perhaps she is no cool with going back to thin lips? Maybe she is just trolling us all and joking? Maybe she is moving on to new features and creating new makeup products, since she conquered lips.

Oh, Kylie, you keep us guessing.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2)