10 Daylight Saving Time Activities To Try Now That You Have An Extra Hour Of Sunlight

At 2 a.m. this Sunday, March 13, time will spring ahead exactly one hour to 3 a.m for Daylight Saving Time. You may initially be losing 60 minutes you otherwise might not notice, but you will have plenty of things to do with your extra hour of sunlight. Not a bad trade off.

Not only does the transition from winter to spring promise warmer weather and a shorter wait until summer, but the one hour jump ahead on the clock means longer days. After a long winter, this additional daylight can do wonders for one's productivity and perspective. While with each passing day there'll be a little more sunlight coming your way, make the most of it from the get go by embracing activities that the extra hour of daylight allows you. Simply being outdoors for the supplementary sunlight can be enjoyable on its own, no matter what you're doing. But if you're looking for activities that really maximize absorbing rays later on in the day, here is a roundup of ideas for soaking up your added hour in the sun. They range from active to at ease, productive to playful, and can be enjoyed solo or surrounded by friends.

1. Go For An Evening Walk

Take in the extra daylight and warming weather by walking as much as possible. Even if you live too far from work to consider walking home, consider walking to the next subway stop before getting on or get off a stop early. Go for a stroll once you're home and marvel at the fact that it's almost dinner time and not pitch black.

2. Meet Up For An Outdoor Happy Hour

Cheers to the longer days with a happy hour get-together outdoors. Head to your favorite rooftop bar with your friends or sidewalk terrace with that special someone and treat yourselves to some cool libations while the sun stays up a little longer.

3. Read Outside

Whether you're midway through a book or catching up on your magazine subscriptions, take your reading outdoors. It's leisure time you'd want to make time for anyway, and sprawled out in a park or a neighborhood bench makes it all the more agreeable.

4. Take Care Of Extra Errands

While it might not top your list of things to do when the sun is out, take advantage of the additional daytime to take care of tasks. Though it's only an extra hour of daylight, you'll feel like you've gained more time during the actual day. Make that trip to the grocery store to finally restock your empty fridge, or suck it up and trek to the laundromat while it's still light out.

5. Exercise Outdoors

If you usually stay indoors to exercise, move your routine outdoors. Switching it up will energize your work out and you'll get to enjoy the extra sunlight and changing of the season.

6. Sit Down For An Afternoon Coffee

Give yourself an afternoon pick-me-up that's one part caffeine, two parts sunshine. Sitting down to enjoy your cup of joe will make the experience more special and will be a much-needed time out to take for yourself near the end of a long workday. Recharge with a pour of your favorite coffee, and let yourself unwind while the sun's still out.

7. Pick Up An Old Hobby

Use the extra daytime to reconnect with an activity you've dropped because you haven't had the time. Did you used to play guitar before work life took over? Pick it up again and incorporate that creative expression into your busy day now that you feel like you've gained an extra hour. Did you once sketch or paint but now only doodle during meetings? Grab your art supplies and head out to a park. Bask in the sunlight while working on your next masterpiece.

8. Work Outside

If you have some leftover work once you leave the office, take it outdoors. Find a coffee shop with a bench or terrace, or even your own stoop, and post up to finish your last emails. It will be so much more enjoyable than doing it from your apartment when there's sunlight still to be enjoyed.

9. Grab A Bite To Go

If you're in need of an afternoon snack or an early dinner, grab some street food or take out something to go. Enjoy your spur of the moment picnic in a park or on some steps.

10. Relax

Don't feel pressured to make the most of every one of the extra 60 minutes of sunlight you'll be instantly experiencing thanks to Daylight Saving Time. Enjoy it how you want to, and also remember that it's just the start of more daylight every day. Allow yourself to slowly adjust to the changing of the seasons and add things in to your routine as you feel comfortable so you don't burn out before it's even really spring.

Images: Pexels (5), Unsplash (6)