Emoji Clothes Just Made An Appearance On This Fashion Week Runway — PHOTOS

Chanel is known by many not only as a sartorial powerhouse, but as an innovative one in touch with youthfulness and contemporary culture. This was proven by the design house's latest show, where Chanel incorporated emojis in the A/W 2016 collection debuted recently at Paris Fashion Week. This isn't too much of a surprise, since designer and Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld launched his own emoji line, EmotiKarl, in 2014. But with the announcement of Willow Smith being named a Chanel ambassador, it's becoming more and more clear that the brand not only promotes youth culture, but celebrates what the youth of today are interested in.

Amongst the infamous double C Chanel logo in some of the garments shown, you can also find the thumbs up emoji, the cat emoji, the four leafed clover emoji, the peace sign emoji, the flower emoji, and many more. IMO, analyzing the clothes and trying to spot as many emojis as you can is actually a pretty fun game for the fashion (or iPhone) obsessed.

After Kim Kardashian's "Kimojis" broke the Apple app store on launch-day, as well as the crying laughing emoji becoming The Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year in 2015, emojis are arguably one of the most current and common forms of communication and representations of culture that we have in 2016. It's no wonder that these little characters were utilized by Chanel in the new collection.


The subtlety lies in the removal of the bright colors typical to the emoji keyboard. Instead, muted neutral and gray hues hide the emojis as a kind of mystery pattern. It's like a silent shout-out to our iPhone-heavy culture without getting too Moschino about it all. Instead, Chanel worked the designs into its classic looks, keeping the brand's signature classy vibes alive alongside impressive cultural relevancy.

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Chanel isn't the only brand embracing emoji-themed fashion and beauty items, though. Karl Lagerfeld just brought emojis into the world of high fashion, but this trend is available the world over.

1. Heart Eyes Emoji Backpack

Lovestruck Emoji Backpack, $38.66, o-mighty.com

This is an adorable shout-out to the emoji life without you having to actually wear them. The roundness is a cute touch and makes this IRL emoji all the more realistic.

2. Iron Fist Emoji Dress

Iron Fist Emoji Dress, $23.99, hottopic.com

The shape of this dress would be cute enough alone, but the emoji print will add a little more fun to your wardrobe.

3. Heart Eyes Emoji Ring

Heart Eyes Emoji Ring, $21.50, asos.com

Here's a super subtle emoji shout-out in the form of a sterling silver ring. It's a simple design that's made all the better with the love-struck emoji imprint.

4. Crying Laughing Emoji Beanie

Women's Emoji Beanie, $7.99, sears.com

Show off your intellectual side with the Oxford English Dictionary's 2015 word of the year emblazoned on a comfy beanie.

5. Black Nails Emoji Crop Top

Black Nails Emoji Crop Top, $30.25, o-mighty.com

Before you go checking for an update, I'm sorry to say that black nail polish emojis aren't yet available in the app store. (Sorry goth emoji lovers!) But this version of the nails emoji is a sassier one and makes for an awesome crop top in time for spring.

6. Plus Size Emoji Print Bodycon Dress

Plus Size Emoji Print Body Con Dress, $6.80, rainbowshops.com

Us fuller-figured gals don't have to miss out on the emoji trend. This sporty, collared, bodycon dress is perfect for proclaiming your plus size emoji love.

7. Emoji Leggings

Emoji Leggings, $29, etsy.com/nanmadetoo

Because if you don't want to rock your emoji love on top, you can rock it on the bottom. These leggings are comfortable and cool and feature a truly amazing emoji print.

Here's hoping the next time emojis do get an upgrade, the fashion world will take notice and act accordingly, too. Anyone else fancy an emoji-print romper?

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