Copy Bella Hadid's Snakeskin Eyeshadow With This One Simple Trick — VIDEO

New eye shadow trend alert! Bella Hadid's textured, snakeskin-like eye shadow look is everything and it could be one of the biggest eye makeup trends of 2016. It's undoubtedly a tedious, careful process — one that may take more than several dozen minutes to recreate. But the end result, which isn't meant for everyday wear, is so awesome and unique that it's totally worth the time investment required or hiring a makeup artist to teach you how to achieve it. Yes, it's that good.

The model and baby sister of Gigi Hadid rocked lattice-and-checkerboard-like gray eye shadow from her lashline up to her brow. It's certainly makeup artistry. I bet she didn't want to wash her face after getting this look. She noted in the Instagram caption that it was the handiwork and mastery of makeup artist Tom Pecheux. It was way too pretty to wipe away.

I peeped Pecheux's Insta and this look is his specialty, as there are several images of models with the same crazy cool style.

I admit that this look is probably best achieved during an appointment with a makeup artist or a specialist who can teach you how to do it. Can you replicate it yourself? Probably, but it may take some — OK, a lot of — practice before you get close.

First, let's look at Hadid's amazing and mesmerizing eye makeup. Who needs regular ol' smoky eyes when you can have... this!?

Notice how her piecey, Twiggy-like bottom lashes and her flawlessly sculpted brows enhance the eye shadow artistry.

I know you are like, "There is no way that I can copy that." Well, there are some hacks you can try.

e.l.f. Eyebrow Stencil Kit, $4.66,

If you have some serious dexterity, patience, and a friend who can help hold them, you could try using these eyebrow stencils in another capacity. I know — you would have to get super creative and keep makeup remover wipes on hand to catch the fallout. You could also rummage at art supply stores for a small, cutout stencils in a similar pattern to checkerboards.

PaintM3Pretty on YouTube

Or you could try this simplified reverse take, like this beauty, who did an undereye, black and white checkerboard. You could get some practice trying this first and move along to something more advanced, like Hadid's all-over-the-lid look.

That said, I would suggest booking some time with a makeup artist if you want to copy her makeup exactly. This look is probably best left to a profesh! If this look takes off, there are bound to be mistake-proof stencils designed to get this style for sale at Ulta or Sephora sooner than later, too.

Image: Bella Hadid/Instagram (1)