Ben Made His Big Proposal On 'The Bachelor'

by Molly Freeman

Every year, the journey of The Bachelor has its ups and downs, all running up to the moment when the leading man will offer the final rose to the one woman who has captured his heart. Each season there are early frontrunners of who the Bachelor might choose and those who become more of a fan-favorite pick. In Ben's season of The Bachelor, there seemed to be a narrative that saw Lauren become an early favorite to take home the final rose. Now, in the season finale, Ben proposed to Lauren on The Bachelor , bringing this particular love story to its exciting next step.

From the moment Lauren stepped out of the limo and offered Ben his own pair of wings, the two have had a connection and it didn't go unnoticed by the fellow contestants in the house. Caila may have gotten the very first one-on-one date, but as the season went on, Ben couldn't deny his feelings for Lauren — even making the other women uncomfortable on certain group dates when he would pull her aside to have a little too much private time to themselves. Of course, now it all makes sense that Ben gave Lauren the final rose and they're officially engaged.

Ben had whittled his group of contestants down to Lauren and JoJo, but what made this season finale of The Bachelor most gripping was the fact that Ben had told both Lauren and JoJo he loved them. However, after the ladies met his parents and he went on his final dates with the final two, Ben made his decision: He loved one woman more than the other, and that woman was Lauren.

During the final rose ceremony, Lauren talked about her connection with Ben from the very first night when he asked her to trust him throughout this process, leading up to her declaration to Ben: "You're my person, I love you. I love you." For his part, Ben began with telling Lauren that he had to say goodbye many times throughout the process of The Bachelor, but he never wanted to say goodbye to her. Among other sweet nothings, Ben said, "I want to wake up every morning and kiss you on the face." Hey, they never said true love is always eloquent!

Finally, Ben got down on one knee and Lauren accepted the Neil Lane ring — and the final rose, of course, but that's more of a formality. So, that's a wrap on this season of The Bachelor; Ben and Lauren are engaged!

Images: Matt Dunn/ABC