The 'Flaked' Soundtrack Hints At The Tone Of Will Arnett's New Netflix Series

Will Arnett is returning to live action TV in Netflix's Flaked, premiering on Friday, and I could not be more excited to see him on the screen again. The hilarious actor has provided voices on BoJack Horseman and Wander Over Yonder, but Flaked will be Arnett's first sitcom since starring in The Millers, which was canceled in 2014. Not only will the newest Netflix series have Arnett as its star, but the Flaked soundtrack promises to be totally awesome.

Last month, Arnett tweeted a list of the artists who will be featured on the series, which will have an original score by Stephen Malkmus, the lead singer and guitarist of the indie rock band Pavement. Among the bands that'll be featured on the Venice, California-set series, according to the tweet, are S. Carey (of Bon Iver), Local Natives, Hinds, EL VY, Youth Lagoon, and JUNIP. While it's good to know the show will be a music treat for the ears, but what about those moments between songs — you know, the plot and dialogue? What I can tell you from Netflix's summary of the show is that Flaked follows Arnett as Chip, a long-time resident of quirky and colorful Venice who is "doing his honest best to stay one step ahead of his own lies."

But I think the music that'll appear on Flaked gives even more clues about the tone and mood of this new series.

Stephen Malkmus

The track "Cut Your Hair" was the closest Pavement got to mainstream success, but the indie band had a loyal cult following in the '90s and they were the "Greatest. Indie-est. Band. Ever," according to Chuck Klosterman in GQ. Malkmus' Pavement had a strummy, laidback sound and I'm sure this will speak to Flaked's Venice-vibe in the series.

S. Carey

Sean Carey of moody band Bon Iver has his own solo projects as well. His most recent release is the EP Supermoon, and it has that same ethereal quality Carey brought to Bon Iver. Perhaps viewers will hear Carey's tunes in the darker times of the show.

Local Natives

This band has a lot of songs I feel like I've heard and loved on Last Call With Carson Daly, but had no idea it was by them. They've got a folk-y sound and harmonies that make you feel like you're drifting along — or racing — with the tide. Could there be some dreamy or intense Flaked scenes on the horizon?


Flaked's soundtrack will get some flair from this Spanish female-led indie band. They're super retro sounding in a way I can't entirely place. Sometimes the bandmates don't really harmonize, but the cacophony is cool. Maybe it'll represent some of the conflict in Chip's life on Flaked.


As the band's Twitter bio states, the name is pronounced "El-vy" like the plural of Elvis. Their goovy and moody tunes are just as clever, because you'll totally know that distinct baritone voice singing to you — Matt Berninger of The National is one half of this new project. The Flaked cast might be tempted to sing along to his infectious melodies.

Youth Lagoon

Trevor Powers' time as Youth Lagoon came to an end last month, when he posted a goodbye tweet to fans. But the haunting tracks from the project will surely add some dimension to Flaked.


Remember when José González's cover of The Knife's "Heartbeats" made us all shed a tear for the one that got away? Now, he's lending his epic voice and guitar to this Swedish rock duo, which is made up of González and Tobias Winterkorn. Like the other bands on the soundtrack, JUNIP is folksy and haunting with some beautiful guitar. Perfect for that scene where Chip sits on Venice Beach at nightfall and stares out into the ocean, wondering what has become of his life.

All these great bands and tunes have me even more excited to marathon Flaked when it hits Netflix on March 11.

Image: Adam Rose/Netflix