What Will RBG's Memoir Be About?

So by now we've all just about picked ourselves off the floor where we fell the second we heard about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's memoir, right? Now we've had time to absorb the news, it's time to ask the crucial question: what will Ruth Bader Ginsburg's book be about? Justice Ginsburg has been fighting the long and worthy battle for women's reproductive rights, so we're expecting this book to be bursting with feminist gems — but what else is in store?

According to Simon & Schuster, who will be publishing RBG's My Own Words in January 2017, the book will be a selection of Ginsburg's writing and speeches, tied together with words from her official biographers Mary Hartnett and Wendy W. Williams, plus a brand new introduction from the notorious RBG herself. Ginsburg has been a public speaker throughout her career, so the book will include her words on a massive range of topics, from gender equality to being Jewish.

What we won't be getting in Ginsburg's new book is much new writing from the justice herself, but what we will be getting is just as exciting. The writings will be selected by Hartnett and Williams (because unfortunately, there won't be room for all the wonderful things RBG has said) — and taken all together they'll form a pretty fascinating glimpse at Justice Ginsburg's extraordinary career, told through her own words.