Will Morgan Die Next On 'The Walking Dead'? His New Philosophy May Not Be Long For This World

The way The Walking Dead has been lining up to events in the graphic novels this half season has fans as worried about Glenn as ever. Fair, but what about the other characters whose deaths have also happened by this point in the comics? Could Morgan die on The Walking Dead next?

In the comics, Morgan is one of the casualties of the zombie attack on the Alexandria Safe-Zone. So, by surviving this far into the AMC series, Morgan is just one step ahead of his comic book counterpart and is living on borrowed time, so to speak. Also in the comics, it's Morgan that strikes up a romantic relationship with Michonne instead of Rick — who in turn is with Andrea, long dead on the TV show, instead. Granted, Morgan is building a jail in Alexandria and not on the Negan mission — but this show loves a red herring. What if they all manage to escape this encounter with the Saviors unscathed, and Negan kills Morgan when he finally appears?

Morgan Jones has had an interesting journey on this series. I'm not sure whether or not it has come to an end, but it definitely could by the end of the season. He went from Rick's savvy friend in the pilot to a crazed survivalist in Season 3 and then a pacifist who wanted to convert others into seeing the light and valuing human life. The fact that he is still building jail cells tells me that he probably still believes in Eastman's method. Characters with those attitudes don't fare well in this apocalypse. Everyone has become a little bit more Shane as the days go by. The arrival of the Saviors has everyone, even fellow non-killer Glenn, taking Rick's side instead of Morgan's. I'm worried that this conflict could cause him to pay the price. Plus, forget Rick and Negan, even if it comes down to Morgan versus Carol, I know which cookie-wielding killer is coming out of that alive. Morgan is a fascinating character and I would be devastated to see him go, but there isn't a place for him and his philosophy The Walking Dead anymore, unfortunately.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the next person to die is Carol, or Abraham. Maybe it's Glenn after all or, Grimes forbid, even Maggie. Vanity Fair has a interesting theory about Sasha and/or Denise dying next. All in all, The Walking Dead is the type of show that requires constant vigilance from its audience, so we basically have to be prepared for anything.

Image: Gene Page/AMC