6 Podcasts To Listen To If You're Feeling Anxious

by Kaitlyn Wylde

If you suffer from anxiety, you how how difficult it can make even the simplest tasks. Anything from getting out of bed to mailing a letter to going on a date can be crippling. If you're proactive in working on your anxiety, you probably have a few tricks up your sleeve — calming music, books on tape, deep breathing, stretching, meditation, visualization, self talk. But sometimes, when you're really anxious, you don't want to think. You just want to be distracted and to feel better.

While what works for one does not work for all, I've found that certain podcasts can not only help reduce and ward off anxiety attacks, but can help you learn more about the condition and how to keep anxiety from affecting your life. Part of controlling your anxiety is understanding it. Being able to conceptualize the chemical reactions occurring in your brain, the way they affect you physically, in addition to the more obvious mental effects. The following are some of the best shows to listen to both before you partake in an anxiety-inducing behavior, and while you're in the throws of it. You'll be surprised by how powerful the calmness of someone else's voice can transfer over to you through your earbuds.

The Anxiety Coaches

The Anxiety Coaches are not medical professionals, they're just regular people who suffer from anxiety, just like you. They welcome professionals onto their show as guests, and take listener questions. They keep the tone light, interesting and informational.

Meditation Minis

Don't have a lot of time but have a lot of anxiety? Chel Hamilton is a hypnotherapist who packs a heady dose of calm into her 10 minute meditations. Take use your lunch break to plug in or download an episode before bed.

The Anxiety Podcast

This is not an informational segment. It's a storytelling show that just happens to focus on tales of overcoming anxiety and stress. It's empowering, entertaining and very encouraging.

Anxiety Slayer

Like the name suggests, this podcast is about eradicating anxiety. It aims to kick its ass. You'll learn techniques, listen to some peaceful conversations, and come out of it with tools to use in between episodes.

The Overwhelmed Brain

This podcast does not coddle its listeners. It speaks to them frankly and deeply encourages you to let go of stress and anxiety and live your life. He's not the most calming vibe, but it's definitely a kick in the ass if you're looking for one.

Positive Magazine

If you aren't looking for anything specific, and you just want to listen to a voice that's so freaking calm it will soothe your brain, then this is the podcast for you. This woman's voice is like butter. So good for the soul.

Image: Unsplash