Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Can Sleep in Your Bed & more of the best RyGos Merchandise

Although he's been out of the Hollywood circuit for what seems like an eternity, Ryan Gosling remains fully intact in our hearts, imaginations, and fantasies. So it comes as little surprise that TMZ found a woman selling 5-foot tall body pillows stamped with an image of Ryan Gosling in a tuxedo. I mean, who wouldn't want to cuddle up to RyGos in the middle of the night? To commemorate the meme that will truly never die, here's 7 more of the best Ryan Gosling merchandise to get you through his silver screen lull.

Motivational T Shirt

I mean honestly, what more motivation would you need?

You can buy it here.

Gosling Nail Art

If you’re someone who wears their obsessions on their sleeve, and has a penchant for over-the-top nail art, this is the perfect RyGos merch for you! Because who wouldn’t want Ryan Gosling to touch everything in your life?

You can buy them here.

Ryan Gosling Studs

Get it? Get it? Ryan Gosling… Studs? Like he’s a… Yeah you get it.

You can buy them here.

The Soul of Ryan Gosling

If you are a terrifying human being, but also happen to like Ryan Gosling, we’ve got the gift for you. According to this Etsy seller, what is contained in this ordinary looking mason jar is “the freshly reaped soul of Ryan Gosling.” And for the bargain basement price of 20 dollars.

You can buy it here (but please don’t).

Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling

This Ryan Gosling coloring book is filled with black and white pages for you to fill. We can think of lots of things to fill this blank: “______ Me Good Ryan Gosling,” but I guess coloring will have to do.

You can buy it here.

Ryan Gosling Cookies

Because really, who wouldn’t want to literally eat his face off? (OK maybe not literally, but like, if it was made of frosting and stuff).

Baby Jumper

No caption needed.

You can buy it here.