The Internet Is Obsessed With "Puppies Or Bagels"

Did you ever think you would ask yourself the question: puppies or bagels? Incidentally, these are two of my favorite things, so please excuse me while I waste the rest of my afternoon on this nonsensical meme instead of doing something productive (with apologies to my editor, no seriously, I promise I'm working though). If you've ever looked at a puppy and said/thought something along the lines of "It's so effing cute I could eat it," then your weird dreams are about to come true because some of these puppies look like bagels, and some of these bagels look just like puppies.

The person responsible for this new meme is Twitter user Karen Zack, whose timeline can only be described as somewhat "whimsical". Her now viral Tweet pairs up puppies with bagels that look just like them, because the Internet can apparently never be at mass capacity for puppy content. Or bagel content. Or just cute stuff generally. Zack's not lazy about her pairings either. If you let your eyes go blurry and just a little bit squinty, all the puppies and bagels start to look the same and you can't really identify which is which. Genius, really. Like a magic eye for the meme generation. Behold:

But it's not just bagels that Zack is pairing with puppies. As it turns out, puppies look like all kinds of things we want to eat, which only serves to make our cuddle/devour reflex distinction all the more difficult. For instance, these Labradoodles that look like fried chicken:

Or these Chihuahuas that look like muffins:

And if you thought puppies that looked like delicious baked and fried good were a treat, wait until you see ducklings that look like plantains:

Not all Zack's photo montages are puppies that resemble food. Some are straight up household items, like these sheepdogs that look like mops:

My vote for Zack's next photo montage is dogs that look like Ewoks:

Image: Pixabay