Foodie Flashback: 10 Wonderfully Disgusting Vintage Betty Crocker Cookbook Recipes

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Greetings from the land of processed cheese and jello molds. I have in hand my mom's 1978 edition of the classic Betty Crocker Cookbook. Many things we think of as Mad Men-era dishes — chicken liver hors d'ouevres, sour cream and gelatin salads — still show up in this "new and revised" edition. And they're amazing, in that OMG why? kind of way.

"Weird mid-century cookbooks and recipes are ENDLESSLY fascinating," commented my friend Tammy, who says they're the only thing she actively collects. "Seriously: what possible circumstances could lead to a worldview wherein this food not only seemed edible, but actively appealing?" Indeed.

So think of this like an anthropological survey. These vintage Betty Crocker recipes put some of the grossest recipes on Pinterest to shame.

Image: Bustle Stock Photo

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