This Is What Happens When You Peel Off Your Polish

by Kali Borovic
chipped nail polish
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Nail polish is the perfect little addition to any outfit — until it's not anymore. If you're anything like me, you want that lacquer off as soon as it starts chipping, but it turns out that peeling your nail polish off is pretty harmful to your nails. So if you think there's nothing worse than a bad manicure, think again, because the damage you do by peeling it off is way more of a big deal that you might think.

So, what actually happens to your nails when you chip off that polish without using a proper remover? According to Cosmopolitan, peeling off your nail polish often takes off the first layer of your nails with it. Yikes! That might not sound all that bad, but think about how much thinner and weaker your nails will be if you do this all the time. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it takes six months to grow a nail back completely, and toe nails take even longer than that. That's definitely a way longer time than it would take to find a bottle of nail polish remover and take it off the healthy way.

If the damage is already done, no worries. There are ways to help your nail health along, but you have to give it time. From over the counter fixes to all natural, there are tons of ways to help your nails heal, just know that it won't happen overnight.

1. Trim Your Nails

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Believe it or not, one of the best way to get your nails healthy again is to keep them trimmed. According to Nail Dystrophy, keeping nails short will prevent them from peeling more and give them a chance to get strong again.

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2. Drink Your Water

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According to Daily Mail, drinking water is key when trying to grow your nails back. The drink flushes out toxins and helps your nails grow even faster, which is why nails may grow faster in the summertime.

3. Take A Multivitamin

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Taking your vitamins is important to nail production. Make sure to take one with Biotin and Vitamin B7 in it, which helps the nails protein production, according to Style Caster.

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4. Try A Clear Polish

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Some clear top and base coat polishes have all the vitamins you need right in them. Just make sure to check the label for biotin and Vitamin B7.

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5. Fuel Up With Omega-3s

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Along with the vitamins mentioned above, Omega-3s are also key to nail growth, according to Nail Dystrophy. If you're not into eating fish, then try it in pill form instead.

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Bottom line: if you want to skip all the hassle, just reach for that nail polish remover instead of peeling it of yourself.

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