What's The Song In The Coca-Cola "Break Up" Ad? Sink Your Teeth Into This Sweet Record — VIDEOS

What is a good love story without a meet-cola, am I right? In a new television spot for the classic, carbonated, caffeinated, caramel-colored beverage that is Coca-Cola, the iconic soda pop is more or less the third wheel in a relationship. A young man and a young woman drink Coke on their first date, drink Coke when they fall in love, drink Coke in the rain, drink Coke when they dance, drink Coke when they fight, break a bottle of Coke when they fight, and drink Coke when they reconcile. All the while, a charming acoustic guitar-driven tune provides the soundtrack to their tale. The song in the Coca-Cola “Break Up” ad is “Made For You" by Alexander Cardinale.

“Made For You” was released in August of 2014, and Cardinale re-released it as a single with Warner Bros. Records in January of 2016. As the singer-songwriter told Billboard back in 2014, he wrote the song with producer Morgan Taylor Reid, aka the guy who produced "Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)" by the Backstreet Boys.

Before you watch the music video, fair warning: you might want to grab some tissues. Is it engaging? Yeah. Is it heartwarming? Yeah. Is it as sweet as a two-liter bottle of sody pop? Yeah.

Image: Coca-Cola/YouTube