What Does Trevor Morgan Look Like Now?

1997 and 2005 was the heyday for Disney Channel original movies. I'm probably biased, because that period represents the prime of my childhood, but I stand by that statement. Especially considering that was the period when movies like Brink!, Stepsister From Planet Weird, Alley Cat Strike, and Genius — to name a few — were released. While many of the actors and actresses of these DCOMs went on to be big stars — Emmy Rossum, Kaley Cuoco, Jessica Alba — some slipped to lesser known roles. One of those actors is Trevor Morgan, star of the movie Genius. Thus, there are probably plenty of you out there who don't know what Trevor Morgan looks like today.

Morgan is one of those actors that you have probably seen in multiple different roles over the years, but you probably didn't know it was him. Or, quite possibly, you recognized his face, but couldn't quite place it. Well, he has kept acting on and off throughout the years, and even has some upcoming projects this year. His career has been filled with multiple guest starring roles in procedural shows and crime dramas over the years. Most recently, he played Jimmy Miles in an episode of the TNT show Perception. However, he has become very familiar with the world of indie films as well, and has starred in a slew of them in the last decade.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

His star is steadily rising, and, year by year, he is making work that — while not major box office sensations — is making an impact on the creative community. In his latest film, The Grounds, he plays Calvin, an alcoholic who stumbles into a bathroom one night to find Jack about to take his own life. The two somehow form a friendship in this strange, yet endearing, indie comedy.

It sometimes seems like child actors are catapulted to great heights after a successful career at such a young age, but sometimes the climb to the top is a little less clear. For Morgan, his roles prove he can transcend drama, comedy, and move seamlessly between both television and film. It's good to know that somewhere out there, real art is being made with incredible actors like Trevor Morgan.

Image: Disney Channel