13 Spring Themed Manicures For Your Next Nail Art Inspiration — PHOTOS

No matter what the new trends may be, it's always exciting to see the influx of color when spring finally rolls around. I don't know about you, but I love when the pastels and floral prints make a comeback — especially when it's on spring-themed manicures. There's just something about bright colors and dainty designs that makes nail art this time of year so covetable. But as much as I love having weather-appropriate tips, sometimes it's hard to get the creative juices flowing past baby blues and pale lavenders. So thank goodness for Instagram and all of the talented ladies willing to share their creations on it.

Seriously, it's like a never-ending outlet for the best nail-art inspiration. And in case you don't have time to scroll through all of the manicures (although you totally should), here are 13 of the best spring-themed tips to inspire your next mani. Whether you're a pro or a newbie when it comes to doing your nails (or whether you're a regular at your local salon), there's something here for every skill level. Just make sure you're not too busy before checking out these manicures, because once you see them, you'll want to do your nails ASAP.

1. Easter Love

OK seriously, how cool is this Easter-themed mani? It's like every nail is a mini work-of-art.

2. Roses

Roses are the perfect touch on any manicure. Or just in life.

3. The Pink Rabbit

Currently dying over the cutest accent nail I've ever seen.

4. Glitter For Days

Because the only thing better than spring-colored polish is spring-colored glitter.

5. Perfect Ombre

Matching ombre and flowers? Perf.

6. Shimmering Stripes

Adding metallic striping tape to a pastel mani is so simple, yet so pretty.

7. Watercolored

There's something so classy about this accented French manicure.

8. Oh-So Sunny

Whether you use stamps or wraps for accent nails, yellow just brings joy.

9. Spotted: Flowers

Dotting tools make such adorable flowers.

10. Color-Matching

Love this abstract design inspired by a Pansy.

11. Freehand Floral

This freehand is #goals.

12. Wrapped In Floral

Nail wraps are perfect for a mani that looks like it took way longer than it actually did.

13. Be-Dazzling Spring

TIL: The one thing my manicure is missing is crystals.

But really though, is there a way to have all of this on my nails at once?

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Image: @mayko_nails/Instagram