9 DIY Denim Shorts Hacks To Make Them Unique

For those of you that live for crafting but are a bit intimidated by the thought of messing with clothes, transforming a pair of denim shorts into something special is a great way to ease into DIY life. For inspiration on how to transform an old pair, I've scouted out tons of DIY denim shorts hacks that will make them extra unique. Prepare to become Instagram's next fashionista extraordinaire!

And if you really want to go the extra mile, Bustle writer Melissa L. Haney broke down how to make jeans into shorts in only five simple steps. All you need to do is pick which pair of jeans will turn into shorts, measure (and measure, and measure) until you have accurate cut lines, make a few practice cuts, chop the denim, and tweak until they're at a length you like. Not too intimidating, right?

From personal experience in turning jeans into shorts, my best piece of advice is make the shorts longer than you think you want them. You can always go back and make things shorter, but if you've accidentally made yourself a pair of denim underwear thanks to cutting too high, there's really no going back!

Once you've got the perfect pair of jean shorts, try out the DIY hacks below to make your pair stand out.

1. Distress With A Knife And Tweezers

Slant Tweezers, $8, Tweezer Guru

One of the simplest hacks out there, you can easily distress a pair of denim shorts by making small horizontal cuts in the denim with a pocket knife. Toss them in the dryer after, and add a little more roughness by tugging edges with tweezers.

2. Add Lace

This epic tutorial breaks down how to make a super cute lace inset on your shorts in under five minutes!

3. Line With Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets, $9, Poplar Friend Bracelet

Want to add a funky boho touch to your shorts? Follow this DIY friendship bracelet shorts tutorial from Look-What-I-Made to give your old bracelets new life.

4. Create Sweet Floral Pockets

Pick your favorite fabric and follow the tutorial above to make stunning little floral pockets that are definitely ready for spring.

5. Glam With Rhinestones

With a little glue and rhinestones, you can transform your denim into an ultra glam pair of booty shorts.

6. Stud Them

Metal Gold Spike Studs, $12, DIY Variety

Want a punky look? Fashionsy broke down exactly how to secure studs onto your denim shorts to give them a touch, chic edge.

7. Make Pocket Bows

Tired of boring pockets? With a glue gun and scissors, you can create adorable back pocket bows.

8. Dot Them Up

Bleach Pen Gel, $5, Clorox

You can create polka dot shorts simply by using a bleach pen and dotting all over.

9. Dip Dye

For the ultimate festival look, learn how to dip dye your jeans with bleach and then infuse them with any color you want.

Images: Fotolia; Courtesy of Brands