Is Lauren B. Watching 'The Bachelor' Finale? She's All About Sharing Her Thoughts On The Show

With the Season 20 finale of The Bachelor just around the corner on Monday, March 14, fair weather fans, devout members of The Bachelor universe, confused channel surfers, and pets whose owners left the TV on ABC are all going to watch the season's dramatic ending. But, do the contestants who lived the show also watch it? Will finalist Lauren B. watch The Bachelor finale?

It’s hard to know if Lauren B. is planning on watching the finale episode of The Bachelor or not. It probably depends on if she will be walking away from Ben H. during the finale, or getting one step closer to walking down the aisle with him. While fans can’t be sure if she’ll be joyfully reliving her proposal, masochistically watching a traumatic breakup, or not watching at all on Monday, March 14, we do know from Lauren B.’s Twitter and Instagram accounts that she has been watching this season of The Bachelor so far, and commenting about it online. Before Ben H. announces if he is choosing Lauren B. or JoJo on Monday, let’s reminisce about Lauren B.’s time on The Bachelor through her own tweets and Instagram posts.

She Is Thankful For The Experience

Lauren B. has used social media as a platform to thank friends, family, and fans for their support throughout the season.

She Has Promoted The Show

She has teased moments from upcoming episodes, showing she has an investment in viewer participation?

She Has Supported Fellow Contestants

Love a contestant who supports other women.

She Has Shared Photos From Traveling This Season

Like a lot of Instagrammers, Lauren B. used the site to share enviable travel pictures, which happened to be from her time on The Bachelor.

She Shared A Picture With The Cutest Bachelor Fan

And maybe the tiniest!

She’s Been Excited To Share Her Life

Like when viewers got to meet her family during the hometown dates.

I'm excited to see what the March 14 season finale has in store for fans — and to read what the contestants have to say about it on Twitter!

Images: Levy Moroshan/ABC