Does Shampoo Cause Pimples?

Your shampoo might be a total dream product on your hair, but maybe isn't helping out your skin so much. If you're asking yourself, "Does shampoo cause pimples?" you're not alone, and I've scouted out the answer. And don't worry, I'm not about to tell you that you can never use shampoo again if you want clear skin!

Yes, shampoo can cause pimples (it's known as "pomade acne), but not all shampoos are created equal. Simply scanning the ingredient lists on shampoo bottles can help you pick one that won't likely trigger break outs. Phew!

As for what to keep an eye out for, Fabian Lliguin, founder of Rahua Beauty, told Teen Vogue, "oil-based products tend to trap the most bacteria and create a breeding ground for acne. Ingredients like petroleum, silicones, jojoba oil, and shea butter could be causing the occasional zit." Dr. Sam Bunting also added toDaily Mail that coconut oil-based shampoos can clog pores.

Additionally, changing up your hair washing habits could help prevent pimples, too. Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Rachael Eckel told Daily Mail, "As they are rinsed out in the shower, oily, rich shampoos [can] drip over the forehead, shoulders and back, causing acne." To prevent this, she said, "Wash and condition your hair at the beginning of your shower and rinse immediately. Then tie your hair up and wash your face and body to remove any oil left behind."

If your shampoo is oil-rich and you've been struggling with acne, try out one of the oil-free shampoos below and follow Eckel's tip for face-safe hair washing. Good luck!

1. Therapeutic Shampoo - Scalp Build-Up Control

Therapeutic Shampoo, $11, Neutrogena

This shampoo from Neutrogena is specifically designed to fight pimples and is infused with salicylic acid.

2. Oil-Free Fragrance-Free Shampoo

Magick Botanicals Oil-Free Fragrance-Free Shampoo, $12, Amazon

Thanks to be both oil and fragrance-free, this shampoo is perfect for those with ultra sensitive skin.

3. Free And Clear Mild Formula Shampoo

Free & Clear Mild Formula Shampoo, $10, Allergy Guardian

This dermatologist recommended shampoo will help control an oily scalp and is totally free of any chemical irritants.

Images: Mihajlo Ckovric/Stocksy; Courtesy of Brands