16 Shows 'Twin Peaks' Fans Would Absolutely Love

The revival has been long delayed and frequently seemed on the verge of not happening at all, but a new season of Twin Peaks finally might be happening, and with David Lynch at the helm. However, we still have quite a lot of time before the next season of the surreal '90s mystery show, and fans might be getting impatient; luckily, there are lots of similar shows for Twin Peaks fans that reach the same levels of strangeness, dreaminess, mystery, or small town claustrophobia.

Of course, not many shows are very similar to Twin Peaks at all; its artistic vision, courtesy of David Lynch, was unique and almost miraculous as a network drama, which was partly why the show has maintained its cult following after all these years. The show was and is beloved for its unforgettable dreamlike moments, unusual characters, and mystery plot.

The revival is scheduled to air on Lifetime in 2017, and many of the old cast members have returned, as well as a few new additions. While no show can quite have the same cinematic and transformative effect on its viewers as Twin Peaks, here are some shows that should keep fans of the show occupied in the meantime.

1. Northern Exposure

0707pl on YouTube

Northern Exposure is the funny, sweeter brother of Twin Peaks. While it's a comedy without the mystery or darkness of Twin Peaks, it includes a lot of strange small town characters, scenes that may or may not be dreams, and long discussions of philosophy and spirituality.

2. Harper's Island

CBS on YouTube

The mystery show aired and was quickly canceled in 2009; it's set at a destination wedding on an island where people keep getting killed off. Perfect for horror mystery fans.

3. On The Air

Michael Bergeron on YouTube

If you're just a David Lynch/Mark Frost fan, On the Air was a sitcom created by the Twin Peaks creators, if you can believe it. It takes place behind the scenes of a '50s sitcom, and it's totally bizarre.

4. Carnivàle

Marcel Goyeneche M. on YouTube

The stylish period drama that aired in the early 2000s centers on the dark side of theology and the interpretations of dreams, subjects that certainly appeal to Twin Peaks fans.

5. Gilmore Girls

durka33 on YouTube

Gilmore Girls is obviously much lighter than Twin Peaks, but, if you like a small town where everyone knows everyone else, and a lot of quirky characters, both shows are for you. I can totally imagine Kirk fitting right into Twin Peaks, or the Log Lady in Stars Hollow.

6. Fargo

N-GEN on YouTube

The recent TV adaptation of the Cohen brothers' movie includes the dark humor and murderous plot twists of Twin Peaks.

7. Portlandia

Fish... Soup? on YouTube

While, as a sketch comedy series, Portlandia is as different in format from Twin Peaks as possible, the bizarre coldness of Portland in the series has a similar creepiness to the town of Twin Peaks. And they have Kyle MacLaughlin in common.

8. The X-Files

Life is Beautiful on YouTube

The X-Files will sate your thirst for '90s mysteries with supernatural elements, whether you watch the classic show or the new one.

9. Wayward Pines

Series Trailer MP on YouTube

The new FOX series has a similar name and feeling to Twin Peaks, and it was recently renewed for a second season.

10. Hotel Room

Another David Lynch TV creation, this mini-series takes place in a hotel room, each episode in a different decade. It's very moody.

11. Happy Town

thehappytowngazette on YouTube

The series, which aired for one season in 2010, explored the darkness of a seemingly happy small town, and contains similar mystical plot twists to Twin Peaks.

12. American Gothic

Maljardin on YouTube

The very dark 1995 horror series centered on the corrupt sheriff of a small town, with some ghosts thrown in for good measure.

13. Black Mirror

Netflix on YouTube

The horror anthology series is stylish, smart, and cynical, much like Twin Peaks.

14. Louie

Stuart Hughes on YouTube

While Louie is a comedy about a struggling divorced dad, it features similar dreamy scenes and strangeness to some moments in Twin Peaks. It's also similar in that it feels different than anything else on TV, the product of a singular artistic vision.

15. True Detective

HBO on YouTube

The popular HBO show is sleek and mysterious, with creeping occult elements adding a ghostly vibe in the first season.

16. Broadchurch

Brenian TVplease on YouTube

The buzzy current British series begins with a murder, like Twin Peaks, and focuses on the effects of the ensuing horror and media attention on the titular town.

It looks like we'll have plenty to keep us busy until the new season of Twin Peaks airs, though that doesn't mean I can deal with any more delays.

Image: FOX