Bruiser From 'Legally Blonde' Passed Away, But His Legacy As The Cutest Canine Sidekick Will Live On

Elle Woods may have been the star of the Legally Blonde movies, but we all know the films would not have been the same without the incredibly important character Bruiser Woods, aka Elle's beloved pet Chihuahua. Sure, he didn't have a speaking role, but their bond was so strong that they didn't need words. This adorable Gemini vegetarian was Elle's most loyal pal, and I can honestly say I don't know what she would have done without him. So, it's with a heavy heart that I must report the sad news that the dog who played Bruiser in Legally Blonde, Moonie, has died. Reese Witherspoon announced the news to fans on Instagram by posting a seriously sweet tribute to her canine sidekick on Friday, with this touching caption:

With a sad heart, I have to let all the #LegallyBlonde fans know that Bruiser Woods (also known as Moonie) passed away yesterday. He was a sweet Chihuahua who was very loved. I will never forget all the days we spent together…I’m sure his tail is wagging in the sky. Sending love to his trainer, the wonderful @tailsticks #RIPBruiser.

As tragic and devastating as this news is, we can take comfort in the fact that Moonie lived to be 18 years old and that he leaves behind a legacy of co-starring in one of the best girl power movies ever created. He may be gone, but Moonie — and Bruiser — will definitely never be forgotten.

Let's commemorate him by remembering some of his best onscreen moments:

When He Was There For Elle, Through Thick And Thin

Elle went through a seriously rough patch at the beginning of Legally Blonde — she was devastated by her breakup and wasn't exactly given a warm welcome when she entered Harvard Law School. Of course, she totally rallied and came out on top, but you know who was there for her during every up and down? You got it: Bruiser.

When He Knew Exactly Who He Was

A Gemini vegetarian, of course — just like Elle.

When He Was Just As Stylish As His Owner

Check out those matching pink pill box hats.

When He Went All Out For Independence Day

Bruiser's fashion game was always strong and he loved twinning with Elle. Here, he really stole the spotlight.

When He Fell In Love

It was love at first sight when Bruiser met Leslie — and of course, Elle was totally accepting when she learned her pet was gay.

When Important Legislation Was Named After Him

Elle was rightfully horrified when she learned that Bruiser's mom was being subjected to "testing" by a cosmetics company. Always proactive, she worked on a bill to outlaw animal testing and named it after her own beloved dog. "Bruiser's Bill" is a fabulous legacy for one of the best dogs to ever grace the big screen.

When Moonie Was Pals With Reese Witherspoon IRL

When Witherspoon got her well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Moonie was right by her side.

Rest In Peace, Moonie — you'll live on in our memories. And, luckily for Legally Blonde fans, we can see his precious face every time we re-watch this modern day classic.

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