The 'SNL' Feminism Song Shows How Hard It Is To Write A Feminism Song — VIDEO

Feminism can be tricky. At least, that's what the ladies of Saturday Night Live seem to think. In the Ariana Grande-hosted episode of SNL on March 12, the ladies of the show all banded together to write a song about feminism, sort of. As the pre-filmed sketch goes, writing the song turned out to be too hard. So, instead, they wrote a song about how it was too hard to write the song. But, you know, it's important. Women deserve a song. So they tried their best, and made a video anyway.

The video tried to make up for its lack of actual lyrics about strong womanhood by including images that you'd probably find in a video for a feminist song. Like pictures of women like Maya Angelou or Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And an old woman's hands. Not that it was easy to determine that the woman was old by the look of her hands — or that a woman should be reduced to her hands. Yes, they actually sang all of that, in one way or another. They were apparently very tied up in knots trying to get that feminist song right, they wound up over-apologizing for everything they did say.

This video really nails down kind of a tricky conundrum: the way, sometimes, when you try to get something really, really perfect, you wind up torturing yourself and ruining the thing you were trying to make perfect. (It's a catchy song, too. Well, a catchy non-song.) I'm glad they didn't give up or throw in the towel when the #FeministSong started to go off the rails. We can't all be Beyonce.

Watch the full video below: