Peter Dinklage Will Host 'SNL' In April, So Here's Hoping He Drops All The 'GoT' Spoilers

For fans incredibly starved for GoT spoilers, here's some good news: the newest Saturday Night Live host is Peter Dinklage, aka Tyrion Lannister. The actor will host the show on April 2, just a few weeks before the premiere of the sixth season of Game of Thrones on April 24. I, and I assume every other lover of Game of Thrones, am hoping that Dinklage accidentally (or accidentally-on-purpose) lets slip some major spoilers, because I am desperate to know what's going to go happen with all of the characters, but Tyrion specifically, in the show's upcoming season.

When fans left the beloved Lannister, the character was running Meereen in the absence of Daenerys, but the city didn't seem too pleased having a leader not from the area. Meanwhile, Varys was all up in Tyrion's business, which may not end well for either character. Who knows what all this could mean for Season 6, though? Well, Dinklage does, and with SNL, he's got the perfect opportunity to give fans plenty of hints.

Yet even if Dinklage doesn't spill any beans on the show, he's bound to give an amazing performance on SNL. Not only is he a fantastic dramatic actor who has been nominated for four Emmys (and won two of them, plus a Golden Globe), for Game of Thrones, he's also a great comedian. Remember him as the salty children's author, Miles Finch, in Elf, who beats the crap out of Buddy? Comedy gold! And lest you forget his performance in both the English and American versions of the dark comedy Death At A Funeral, in which he killed it (no pun intended) as an accidentally drugged lover of the deceased.

The April show will mark Dinklage's first time as an SNL host, and I have the highest of hopes. I want him to drop GoT fans some hints, but even if he doesn't, I'm sure he will still provide a night to remember. In all likelihood, Dinklage will simply mock viewers relentlessly for how badly they want to know info, and tease how little he will reveal. But hey, I can't hold it against him — GoT's filmmakers probably wouldn't be pleased if one of their stars spilled the beans on the new season less than a month before it began. At any rate, April 2 is coming up fast, and fans will know soon what Dinklage and the SNL cast have up their sleeves.

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