The Newest Spring Trend Is All About Puppies & Flower Crowns — PHOTOS

Drop everything that you're doing and gear up for the newest trend of the season: puppy flower crowns, designed by Free People. This is not a drill, people of the Internet. We can now Coachella-out our canines. To be honest, I don't know how we've gone this long without pooch-friendly florals.

Your dog is probably your best friend, which means you want to do everything together. If you eat a cupcake, your pooch gets a puppy one, too. If you watch Broad City, he's sitting right there next to you barking at Ilana and Abbi's hilarious antics. And now that summer is fast approaching and you're likely stocking up on your crochet tops and flower crowns, your little guy (or lady) can look equally ready for Ray-Ban's and indie set lists.

The only downside to this fantasy is that the little rosette crowns are somewhat pricey. Just like a festival ticket, you're going to have to fork over a pretty penny to have your pooch looking bohemian-ready.

As Mashable reported, "The 'Puppy Flower Crown' costs a super reasonable $78 and comes in either daisies or roses. The crowns are available for both small and medium-to-large breeds. So, don't worry, you'll be able to buy one for all of your dog entourage."

You can choose between real, sun-dried daisies or roses, but either one will have your best friend looking like a dream for the summer festivities. While these accessories might not seem too budget-friendly, Metro cheekily pointed out, "It’s a small price to pay to rid yourself of the deep, unending shame of having an unstylish dog."

And if you really want to spoil your dog, here are some more summer-approved accessories to put in their closet.

1. Dip Dye Leash

Overdyed Rope Lead, $73,

Never ruin your outfit again with a run of the mill plastic leash. Instead, compliment your boho summer looks with this Free People over-dyed rope dog leash with brass metal hardware. Stylin'.

2. Denim Collar

Indigo Child Collar, $68,

Nothing says "festival weekend" like a little bit of denim. Now the two of you can coordinate looks!

3. Studded Leather Harness

Nix Studded Leather Harness, $209.50,

What's a summer outfit without a little hardware? Help your dog have a street-style moment with this studded leather harness, which will prove they're the chicest canine at the dog park.

4. Charm Bracelets (AKA Pet Tags)

Hand Stamped Pet Tags, $34,

Who doesn't love a good charm necklace with their summer apparel? Get one for your pooch in the form of these hand-stamped brass pet tags, featuring a mix of silly sayings.

5. Dreamcatcher Dog Tags

Dream Catcher Dog Tags, $82,

You're not the only one in the apartment who wants a hippy stone hanging around their neck once the sun starts shining. Get your dog a dreamcatcher stone that offers "unique healing and strengthening qualities."

6. Striped Top

Love Me Stripe Hoodie, $49.50,

Honestly, though, who doesn't love a good striped top when going out for brunch on a patio? Your dog needs this.

7. Brooklyn Made Collar

Tie Dye Rope Collar, $73.50,

Nothing says "summer days" like tie dye. Especially is that tie dye is fashioned in Brooklyn. Give your dog something to flip his hair over at the dog park.

With all these options, you and your pup will take things to another level this season.

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Images: Free People (9)