Kenya's Family Expands On 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Finale — And It Might Be Getting Even Bigger

Remember Kenya's dog, Velvet, from her first season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta? The dog was tragically killed by a coyote, and even though Kenya may have turned up the theatrics when she cried at Velvet's funeral, she clearly really cared about the dog. So it's a huge step forward for her relationship with her new boyfriend that Matt bought Kenya two puppies on the Housewives finale. And while that was adorable, and little King and Twirl make fine additions to the Housewives star's family, I'm also wondering about another addition to Moore Manor: the possibility that Kenya is pregnant.

That just went from unconfirmed hints to a full-on rumor when Kenya's Season 8-ending caption suggested that "first room" she's finishing up in Moore Manor is a "nursery." Whether that means she's just actively looking to get pregnant or adopt a baby with Matt, her boyfriend, or that she's already expecting one, it's unclear, but all shall be answered in the upcoming RHOA reunion with Andy Cohen.

By the end of this season, just about every member of the cast was in relationship bliss. Cynthia and Peter are working on repairing their relationship, Kandi, Todd, Kim, Chris, NeNe, and Gregg all demonstrated what loving marriages look like, and Bob and Sheree might be getting back together after flirting all season. Porsha's new romantic relationship might not be at the point where she's considering kids, but she repaired her relationship with her sister and is preparing to become an aunt. So it's no wonder that Kenya might be feeling baby fever — she's always wanted to become a mom, and everyone else in the cast is in the throes of relationship bliss.

But even if Kenya's "nursery" tease wasn't true, and just yet another way for the savviest RHOA to self-promote, she is a new mom of two puppies! And little King and Twirl are super adorable. Check out Kenya's Instagram for even more pictures of the new dogs and plenty of teases about whether or not Kenya is expecting a new baby along with her other new additions to the family.