'Scream Queens' Cast Want A Harry Styles Cameo Too

Ever since it was reported that creator Ryan Murphy said a male pop star was joining Scream Queens Season 2 at Fright Fest, speculation has swirled that the star in question would be One Direction’s Harry Styles — even from cast members like Lea Michele, who told InStyle she'd heard the rumor and is a big 1D fan. Well, at Saturday's Paleyfest, other stars and producers revealed that though they can't confirm whether the rumors are true, many of them would love to have Styles on the series.

While on the red carpet before the panel, I actually overheard Scream Queens producer Brad Falchuk tell a reporter he did not even know who Styles was, the same cannot be said of the other attendees. Because though the reporter had to explain to Falchuk what band Styles is in, Niecy Nash, who plays Denise Hemphill, practically sent the singer an engraved invitation to join Season 2. “Harry, you better come on now,” Nash told reporters on the Paleyfest red carpet. “We’re not gonna kick him out of bed for eating crackers. So I don’t know. If I had to choose right away, yes, he would be on the list.”

Other Scream Queens cast members chose to stoke flames of the Styles rumors. Billie Lourd, for example, simply said, “We’ll see, I don’t know. It’s in the rumor mill.”

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Similarly, Abigal Breslin said she doesn't know if the Styles rumors are true, though she would be happy if they are. “Nobody tells me anything," she said. "I’m getting really upset that people are telling me things in interviews. I’m like, ‘I didn’t know this. I wanna know this.’ I mean, I’d be down with that.”

Luckily, the actual Paleyfest panel did reveal some intriguing information about Scream Queens Season 2, like the fact that all of the characters will eventually end up at a hospital. According to Falchuk, that makes room for three “studly doctors” on the cast. Perhaps the mysterious male pop star, whether a member of One Direction or not, will trade music for medicine when Scream Queens returns to FOX this fall.