Kylie Lip Kits Are Actually Really Multi-Purpose

The Kylie Lip Kits' status is constantly shifting and evolving. The matte, liquid lipsticks have earned cult status, since they are so hard to obtain but getting your hands (and lips) on a Lip Kit seems to be getting easier. I have purchased four Kylie Lip Kits myself and you can grab tips for successfully scoring one by consulting this Kylie Lip Kit information hub. It's a superior product, since it dries quickly, doesn't budge, and gives you a suede-like, super matte, and supremely Kylie-like and pouty lip look. The Kylie Lip Kits come with a lip liner and your lips are most well-defined when the Kit is used with the accompanying, creamy liner. But you can go without if you choose. Additionally, the Kylie Lip Kits are surprisingly multi-purpose and the lipstick can actually be used as eyeliner, which further ups their status as one of the most revolutionary products on the market.

Case in point: The Kylie Cosmetics official Instagram shared an Insta video from Mindy Espinosa, a talented, self-taught, and utterly genius makeup lover x artist who repurposed her True Brown Kylie Lip Kit lipstick as a winged eyeliner incorporated into a gold, smoky eye look. At first, I never would have thought to use the product this way. But since the KLKs stay put on lips, it makes sense to use them on other features.


OMG, right? True Brown K certainly allows you to get that perfect, cat-eye flick at the outer corner. And it hugs the lashline. If you want to use your Lip Kit's lipstick in this capacity, you need a fine-tipped, angled makeup brush and you will need some dexterity and patience while playing with it. Even so, it's such an awesome way to make the most out of the Kit. I bet Kylie Jenner herself was way impressed with this usage.

You can see True Brown K among its peers here in order to get a true appreciation for the deep, rich shade. Since it's so pigmented, it makes total sense to be used as eyeliner. I am already wondering what other ways the lip liner can be used!

I suggest throwing Espinosa a follow. Her IG makeup videos are high-impact and all sorts of awesome.

Image: Mindy Espii/Instagram (1); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1)