'Game Of Thrones' Season 4 Sets Are Crazy Detailed And Extensive, Pure Artisan Badassery

We talk about a lot of things when we talk about Game Of Thrones. Mainly, we talk about the deaths and the journeys and about who we want to see on the Iron Throne in that eventual, far-off, I'm-assured-it'll-happen-eventually time when we actually learn the ending. And that's all well and good, interesting stuff. But what we really should be talking about at least sometimes is how crazy-good those Game of Thrones sets are.

Despite the inevitable story-shuffling and character-dropping that comes with the territory, one of the undeniable perks of translating dense fantasy literature to screen is that, well, we all get to actually see all the beautiful shit that populates the universe. This has already been discussed in regards to the incredibly intricate and gorgeous work that costume embroiderer Michelle Carragher puts into the clothing.

Now, in the video below, you can hear production designer Deborah Riley talk about the process behind designing the world of Westeros and beyond, and, well, it's pure artisan badassery. And this upcoming season of Game of Thrones? That's got 104 sets going for it — and those are the new ones they're adding this season, which is just...insane, kind of, and really impressive.

Image: HBO