Lauren & Ben's Body Language On 'The Bachelor: After The Final Rose' Shows How Smitten They Are With Each Other

On Monday night's The Bachelor finale, Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell got engaged, and the world collectively swooned. It should be clear to anyone who's watched this season that these two are completely smitten with each other. Ben made it clear that he was swept off his feet by Lauren upon first meeting her, and they seem to just fall into each other's arms whenever they get the chance. But was that the case after the big proposal? Ben and Lauren's After The Final Rose body language is actually pretty telling.

I may not be an expert in body language, but it's easy to see that these two have caught the love bug hard. It tells us a whole lot about their relationship, because the live after show came months after the actual proposal, which would have been filmed in November. If Ben and Lauren are still as adorably in love on After The Final Rose as they were when the final rose was handed out, it's a good indication that they are in it for the long haul. Let's look at the evidence of their behavior on Monday night, when they could finally be open about their relationship with The Bachelor viewers.

The biting of the lip when he sees her? That says, "I want to bite you because I love you so much!" Outbursts of odd facial expressions often only happen when you are around the one you love. (I assume.)

The head on the shoulder is a super lovely move. That pretty much says, "I love this person and would trust them with the full weight of my cranium." That's love.

Look at that hand on his leg. She's prepared to protect that leg until the end of time. That's marriage. That's real. I totally know what I'm talking about.

One person getting down on one knee is a really great indicator that things are going well for a couple. This really seals the deal. These two are in it to win it. This body language stuff is real, probably.

So, it looks like things are going great for these two, their body language says it's all. They are in lurveeee. I'm looking forward to seeing tons of positive body language at their wedding that is sure to be televised. Stay tuned!

Image: Kelsey McNeal/ABC