Sorry, Michael J. Fox: NBC Has Effectively Cancelled Your Show

So sorry, Michael, but NBC has cancelled The Michael J. Fox Show after several weeks of dwindling ratings and quality, pulling the remaining episodes from the schedule in favor of Hollywood Game Night. And so soon after pulling the production plug on Sean Hayes' Sean Saves The World ? It is not a good time to be a man on a show that was made just for you. Woopsies.

It should be noted that this isn't an official cancellation — there's always the slightest of chances that the series could resurface elsewhere — but once the Olympics are over, NBC plans to fill the void left by Sean and Michael by airing episodes of the delightful Hollywood Game Night. The Jane Lynch-hosted series has currently been airing on Monday nights — something that'll have to change when ratings juggernaut The Voice returns later this month.

Proving that sometimes even national treasures make mistakes, The Michael J. Fox Show was planned as a springboard for a career resurgence for the much-beloved actor and certainly had potential, as evidenced in the pilot. What resulted was a hokier-than-expected family comedy that showed potential but ultimately didn't take the risk necessary for it to break through the during a season that was already chockablock with family comedies. Sorry, guys: having a "name" on your show just isn't enough anymore. Better luck next time, Fox-y.