7 Ways To Wear Flowers In Your Hair

Spring is a week away, and despite what The Devil Wears Prada taught us all, florals for spring are totally necessary. But not only is spring coming — festival season is also approaching, and you probably know by now that their unofficial uniform is the flower crown. However, let's be honest — it's a little overdone. If you're looking for new ways to wear flowers in your hair, I've got you covered with several tutorials that'll let you rock flowers without being completely cliché.

I tend to go all out with spring fashion, even more so than summer, because it feels so good to be wearing skirts, pastels, and tanks after bundling up in darks and layers for so many months, so even though florals are nothing new, they epitomize spring, and I'm never going to tire of them. But even better than rocking prints and patterns is wearing flowers in your hair. It can be tropical, edgy, bohemian, or romantic and feminine, depending on how you style it. The flower crown might have worn out its welcome a little bit by now, but that doesn't mean there aren't other ways to style your hair with spring's new blooms.

Whether you're hitting up the music festivals, dressing up for Easter, or just want to look festive for spring, try these seven ways to wear flowers in your hair and retire that crown this year.

1. Crochet Loop Braid

The easiest way to wear flowers? Just secure your hairstyle with a floral hair tie.

2. Alternate Uses For A Flower Crown

If you've already got a flower crown from last year, this tutorial will show you other ways to use it other than as an actual crown.

3. Flower Bun

Add in mini flowers to a bun for an elegant spring up-do.

4. Flower Braid

Studding your braid with flowers is the ultimate boho, spring 'do.

5. Messy Bun

If you want to look a little more relaxed, do your standard messy bun but tuck a flower into it. It will instantly update your go-to, lazy girl look.

6. Half-Up

This tutorial for Princess Aurora's hair would kill it at a festival.

7. Hair Flower

You don't even have to buy (or pick) anything at all for this one — turn your own hair into a flower. Seriously — #skillz.

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