Here's Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

by Dacy Knight

Before you tackle any spring cleaning tasks this year, make sure you're equipped with a spring cleaning checklist. It can be daunting just thinking about how much energy and time will go into spiffing up your abode, but a list will serve as a helpful tool to plan out the endeavor. It will help you envision just what needs to get done, and remind you of things you may not have considered — including all the things you should be cleaning, but aren't.

A checklist instantly makes the whole project more manageable. Do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of spring cleaning and don't know where to begin? Randomly pick a room on the list, and get to work. Do you find it hard to keep track of what you've already wiped down and what still needs a good clean? Check it off, and never look back. Do you like to set short-term goals and give yourself rewards? Break up the list into parts, and treat yourself to a sweet or savory pick-me-up every time you complete a group of chores. A checklist will also help you organize your time, so you can tackle the bedroom first thing in the morning, then tackle the kitchen after your lunch break. It's also great if you share your place with roommates, because you can easily divvy up chores by room.

No matter how you approach your spring cleaning, a checklist will guarantee that you don't miss any important steps. Plus, there are few things more satisfying than crossing things off lists. Efficiently tackle all the demands that come with your home, so you can get on to more important things in life, like going outside and enjoying it.

Throughout Your Home

As you tackle your home, room by room, these steps should be completed in each. They're general spring cleaning tasks that need to be addressed in almost every space, and it's after dusting, scrubbing floors, and wiping windows that each room's particulars can be taken care of.

1. Open The Windows

While you're cleaning, open the windows to your home to allow for the spring air to come in and refresh each room. Additionally, you'll find the fresh air particularly nice to combat any scents from the cleaners or dust that might be stirred up.

2. Remove Rugs To Shake Out And Clean

If you're really serious about cleaning, you can shampoo your rugs too.

3. Wash Doors, Knobs, And Switch Plates

Doors, door knobs, and switch plates are frequently touched and should be cleaned regularly.

4. Dust Lighting Fixtures

Turn off bulbs and dust them too.

5. Dust Ceiling Fans

Safely get up to where you can dust your ceiling fans from all angles.

6. Dust Shelves And The Items On Them

Work shelf by shelf, removing everything, brushing with a feather duster, then replacing in an organized fashion. The process might test your patience but the pristine clean will be worth it and you'll notice if you have anything lying around that's in the wrong place or simply no longer necessary.

7. Wipe Windows And Wash Window Screens

Use a window cleaner to get your windows sparkly clean, but don't forget the screen behind them. Use warm water and a mild dishwashing liquid to scrub each screen with a brush, then rinse thoroughly, leaving no soapy residue.

8. Vacuum Or Wash Window Curtains

Curtains can hold onto tons of dust you don't want sitting around your home.

9. Sweep And Scrub Floors

Do this step last in each room so you don't ruin your efforts by dirtying them up right after while you're cleaning other things. It's worth it to move furniture around to get the tough spots beneath them.

10. Ensure Fire Safety

Unless you've done so recently, change the batteries in all your smoke detectors (this should be done twice a year) and make sure the units are dust-free and running properly. Review fire escape plans with everyone in the household.

Living Room

The living room is typically the first place a guest sees, and where they'll be spending most of their time while they're over. Make sure it's show-ready, but also serves as a space of leisure and relaxation for you too. Above all, declutter and organize the space, leaving it open to entertaining. If you're in need of extra storage in your home, make sure that anything occupying the living room is discreet and appropriately blends in.

1. Take Anything That Doesn't Belong In The Room And Put It In The Correct Location

Things from other rooms often end up piling up in the living room because it's so central. Before taking on any other spring cleaning tasks in the space, make sure you've removed everything that doesn't belong and relocated them to their appropriate place.

2. Vacuum Sofa

Remove the cushions from the sofa and other upholstered furniture, and vacuum using the hose attachment, paying special attention to the crevices.

3. Condition Leather Furniture

Apply a leather conditioner and follow the guidelines on the bottle as methods vary from product to product. Buff small scratches in the leather with a microfiber cloth.

4. Dust And Organize Electronics And Accessories

While you should be dusting all surfaces of the room, pay particular attention to electronics and accessories that are often overlooked but are the first to be noticed by guests. Make sure electronics are perfectly organized so they're ready to go for anyone using them.

5. Disinfect Remote Controls And Gaming Devices

We often forget just how gross something can get when we, and everyone else, handles them all the time. Be sure to disinfect any remote controls and gaming devices regularly, not just while spring cleaning.


The kitchen is a hub for messes and mayhem. When it comes to spring cleaning your kitchen, a lot of the work will be wiping down and disinfecting counters and appliances, but it's important to take care of what's happening behind closed doors — of cupboards, refrigerators, and pantries — to make sure your kitchen is clean and organized inside and out.

1. Wash Counters And Backsplash

Beyond the usual wipe-down, take the time to actually scrub all kitchen surfaces and backsplash. Grease and other food residue will have accumulated here, and it's time to wash them away for a truly clean slate.

2. Wash And Sanitize Cutting Boards And Sharpen Knives

Though you wash your cutting boards after every use, sometimes it ends up being just a sweep of the surface with a little soap and water. Give extra attention to scrubbing and sanitizing your cutting boards while you're spring cleaning. Once you've propped them up to dry, give your knives a little loving too and make sure they're all sharpened.

3. Clean And Disinfect The Trash Can

If you can, take your trash can outside and hose it down, inside and out. Then take a disinfectant spray or wipe to every inch of the contraption. While we may diligently take out the trash every time it's full, spills and overflow often occur, leaving sticky residue and stench in a device that's occupying our home.

4. Clean And Organize Pantry And Refrigerator, Check Food Expiration Dates

Remove everything from your pantry and refrigerator (not at the same time), and give each a good wipe down. Then as you're restocking, make sure to check every label and dispose of anything that's gone bad or that you no longer want. You'll be surprised by just how much was tucked away that you forgot about, and refamiliarizing yourself with your stock will help you make better informed decisions the next time you're at the grocery store. You can also restock in a way that makes sense, instead of the jumble that might have arisen due to placing things near the front as you bought them.

5. Throw Out Spices That Are Past Their Prime

Take the time to carefully inspect every one of the spices on your spice rack. If it's lost its odor or flavor, it no longer serves its purpose and it's time to toss.

6. Dust Refrigerator Coils

It is advised that you dust refrigerator coils every 12 months, more often if you have pets that shed. Follow these steps to safely clean the coils and keep your fridge running effectively.

7. Defrost The Freezer

While the refrigerator's power is turned off for you to dust the coils, empty the freezer's contents and let it defrost. Dusting the coils takes about an hour to do correctly, so you'll effectively be killing two birds with one stone. Once the freezer has defrosted, wipe the interior with a solution that's two tablespoons of baking soda per one quart of hot water.

8. Clean Crumbs Out Of Toaster And Microwave

Get rid of any food remnants still hanging out in your toaster and microwave, and give the inside of the latter a good wipe down.


The bathroom may be the least desirable place to clean, but the tasks are pretty straightforward. Set out a plan and power through so you can get to enjoying a squeaky clean bathroom that doesn't make you feel dirty walking into it.

1. Shine Faucets

An easy step that makes a world of difference, shining faucets instantly makes your bathroom feel remarkably less dingy.

2. Clean Mirror And Frame

Another step that immediately makes your bathroom feel much cleaner.

3. Clean Shower Curtain And Liner

Finally get rid of the grime that's accumulated on your curtains.

4. Clean And Disinfect Toothbrush Holders

It's gross how much grime can grow within these babies, so make sure you're keeping your toothbrush holder sanitary.

5. Clean Tub And Drain, Clean Sink And Drain

When you're cleaning the tub and sink, make sure to also clean the drains, which you'll find probably needs the most attention.

6. Clean Toilet, Inside And Out

Remove the seat and give extra attention to around the bolts where grime can easily accumulate.

7. Discard Expired Cosmetics And Beauty Products

Empty the cabinets and vanity, clean, and then diligently put the products back inside. Take a good look at all the cosmetics and beauty products and throw out any that are past their prime or you simply don't use anymore. If you want to take it the extra step and detoxify your household, use the app Think Dirty to determine exactly which products you should be keeping and which you should be tossing out.

8. Restock First-Aid Kit

Make sure your first-aid kit is fully stocked with the essentials like bandages and ointments. Additionally, include a list of emergency numbers.


The bedroom is your private sanctuary. As such, it can often become burdened with clutter you wouldn't dare leave around elsewhere in your home. Even though the room is your own personal space, make sure everything has a place and your personal belongings are still tucked away. Beyond that, keep your bed clean and drawers organized.

1. Rotate Mattress

It's recommended you rotate your mattress twice a year to make sure the wear is distributed evenly. Just flip over and you're done until fall.

2. Clean Pillows

Most pillows can be machine-washed, so use spring cleaning as your time to get them super clean, combatting against bacteria and odors.

3. Air Out Mattress Pad If You Have One

If you have a mattress pad, let it air out for the day.

4. Clean And Organize Your Nightstand

Clear everything out of your nightstand, then put each item back, considering if it actually belongs there. Nightstands can accumulate a lot of random junk, so be sure you're only storing what you need.


Closets, armoires, and dressers, while providing for organization, can easily become the most disorganized places in our homes. Tackle these spaces once and for all with a spring cleaning overhaul that eliminates clutter, chaos, and clothes you no longer need in your life.

1. Replace Cool-Weather Clothing With Warm-Weather Clothing

Make the most of your space by storing seasonally. Make sure it's only your warm-weather clothing that's taking up prime real estate like your armoire or dresser, and store your winter layers away in zippered bags and boxes under your bed or elsewhere out of sight.

2. Donate Apparel You No Longer Use

Take everything out of your closet, armoire, or dresser, then replace with purpose. As you put back each item, consider if you actually plan on wearing it again. If the answer is no, or if you've been meaning to wear it the past three years but keep making excuses, it's time to part ways. Make a pile of clothing that isn't adding anything to your life, then resell or donate.


Whether you work from home or occasionally do work while at home, make sure your home office is organized to a T.

1. Organize Files

Go through both your physical and digital files and make sure everything is ordered in a way that makes sense.

2. Shred Unneeded Documents

If you happen across any old documents you no longer need, discard of them, shredding anything that contains personal information.

3. Clean And Organize Desk Drawers

Just as you've done everywhere else in your home, unload all your drawers and carefully put back their contents, considering the use, purpose, and necessity of each item, throwing out what you no longer need.

4. Restock On Supplies

After you've cleaned out and reorganized your drawers, determine what supplies you're lacking and restock in one trip. You'll thank yourself later when you don't have to make a special run just for envelopes or staples.

5. Clean Your Computer, Inside And Out

Clean the exterior of your computer with a computer-safe spray and a lint-free cloth. Spring clean your computer by clearing caches and cookies, and deleting unused apps.

Images: Pexels (2), Unsplash (3), A Beautiful Mess (2), The Effortless Chic