Bruce Is Coming For Matches Malone On 'Gotham'

It seems like the criminals in Gotham City outnumber the other citizens, doesn't it? I mean, I know things have gone to seed since the deaths of the Waynes, but I can't believe the show can fit another villain into its murderer's row. And yet, in the episode airing March 14, Gotham is introducing Matches Malone, another bad guy. So what is this foe doing in Gotham City?

Malone does have roots in DC Comics, although it seems like Gotham may be straying from the way he was portrayed in them. Take his look, for example. The International Business Times described Malone's comic-book counterpart as "basically an ordinary man with a mustache, who walks around in plaid suits and wears tinted glasses." And yet, from what little we've seen of Malone on the Gotham TV series, there's no plaid, no tinted glasses, and more facial hair than just a mustache. (Shame, too. I'd love to see a crazy plaid suit on the show. I guess that's too much, even for Gotham.) So, even though this could all be thrown out the window by the show at any moment, here's what we know about Malone's background.

He Is A Criminal

Gotham has no shortage of criminals, and you can add Malone to a long list of them. According to Cinema Blend, "Malone was orphaned as a child—connections!—and turned to a life of crime as an adult, although he wasn’t nearly as evil and deadly as the bulk of Batman’s other foes, mostly looking out for his own interests rather than having a giant agenda to take anything over." Not being as crazy or as dangerous as other, better-known comic villains, Batman never turned Malone in to the Gotham police.

Did He Kill Bruce Wayne's Parents?

Maybe. Silver St. Cloud already mentioned that she heard an "M. Malone" was responsible for their death on Gotham, and the character description for Matches definitely makes that possible. "One of Gotham's deadliest killers, Matches Malone is a weathered, philosophical hitman who may be the triggerman behind one of the most important crimes in Gotham's history," Comicbook.com reported. The episode description for his first appearance on Monday night also reads, "Alfred and Selina help Bruce try to find his parents' killer." That all sounds pretty damning for Gotham's version of Malone.

If That's The Case, Though, It's Different From The Comic Books

In the comics, Malone is not responsible for the crime that triggered Bruce Wayne's transformation into Batman. In some cases, the Waynes' murders go unsolved forever. In others, a mugger by the name of Joe Chill was the culprit. Whether Gotham is taking liberties with Batman's backstory or just leading this young Bruce on a wild goose chase remains to be seen.

Malone Also Had A Different Identity

One important reason that Malone isn't Wayne's parents' murderer in the comics and never went to prison: After Malone's real death, Batman would sometimes assume his identity to go undercover in criminal circles. This Bruce seems way too young to try and pass as a mobster, but maybe he can assume Malone's identity in a different way on Gotham. (Has Gotham P.D. ever investigated criminal catfishing?)

On Gotham, He's Played By Michael Bowen

Ack, it's Todd's scary Uncle Jack from Breaking Bad! You know he'll mean business as Gotham's Matches Malone.

Images: Jessica Miglio/FOX; Giphy (4)