6 Daily Habits Of Energetic People

by Kat George
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Being an energetic person isn't necessarily something that just comes naturally. Energetic people have daily habits that help them stay upbeat and productive, which means the good news is that yes, you too can be an energetic person! Hooray! You just might have to change some of your daily habits to get those endorphins pumping and your energy levels up. And no, that does not mean refill your coffee machine immediately. One thing energetic people definitely not do is rely on caffeine to get them through the day. Energetic people are actively working towards being energetic, which as an impressive trait in a person as actual energy.

Developing the same daily habits as an energetic person doesn't require a lot. You won't have to break the bank or become a different person. It's seriously pretty simple. You just have to have a more positive outlook on your day, yourself, and your abilities. Energy is achievable! You can do it! You can be your best, most Leslie Knope self if you just consider the types of habits Leslie Knope would have if she were a real human person. Use what energy you have left for today (you can start living as your most fabulous, energetic self tomorrow) reading up on the daily habits of energetic people.

1. They Start The Day Off With A Good Night's Sleep

It's a massive no brainer that if you get a restful, eight hours sleep the night before, you'll have more energy during the day. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that the amount of sleep you need varies on age, but for an adult, it's generally between seven and nine. Sleeping too much or too little can make you feel drowsy and tired during the day, so if you want to be an energetic person during the day, start by getting into healthy sleeping habits at night.

2. They Take Small Breaks During The Day

Multiple studies have found that energy for the day's tasks, especially work, increases if you take small breaks throughout the day. Those can be as simple as five to 10 minutes of stepping away from your work space and getting into a different mental zone — for instance, taking a short walk, completing an unrelated task, listening to a favorite song or reading something else. A study by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, for instance, suggests that distracting yourself briefly once an hour gives you more energy to work during the day productively.

3. They Eat Well

It's fairly accepted that eating well can boost your energy. Harvard Medical School suggests that the right diet can help your energy levels. While fast, junky foods, and things that are high in sugar, or any kind of diet that centers around one food group, might leave you feeling lethargic, a balanced diet will give you energy. Grazing throughout the day (for instance, having healthy snacks like a piece of fruit or nuts on hand) will help keep your energy up, as will limiting alcohol consumption and increasing the water you drink.

4. They Exercise Regularly

I've said this a thousand times, and I'll say it a thousand times more: "Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy and HAPPY PEOPLE JUST DON'T KILL THEIR HUSBANDS." Even if it seems like you don't have the energy to exercise, exercising will actually give you energy. So while you might have to drag ass to the gym, you'll leave feeling energized. This study by the University of Georgia found "overwhelming evidence that regular exercise plays a significant role in increasing energy levels and reducing fatigue."

5. They're Not Entirely Sedentary

It's not just exercise that give you energy. It's getting up and walking around during the day, especially where your job involves you being sedentary all day. NCHPAD has found that being sedentary is bad for your health, so if you're sitting down all day, don't! Get up and walk around (remember those regular breaks you should be taking? Make them standing or walking ones), and make an effort to not only exercise regularly but just to get out of your chair for a while and let your blood flow properly.

6. They Act Energetic

Wellness writer Gretchen Rubin suggests, "If you don’t like the way you’re feeling, act as you’d like to feel — and your feelings will change." We all, from our own experience, know this to be a basic truth. There's a ton of research to back it up too. For instance, a study by Columbia University found that having subjects take on powerful poses physically made them quickly feel more confident than their counterparts who slouched. If you act energetic, you'll do things that are productive, which will boost your sense of achievement and grant you real energy to continue on that high.

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