Spotify Hacks You've Really Been Needing

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Realizing that you've left your headphones at home is one of the most frustrating feelings. I cannot be the only human who feels this way, right? I like to match my music to my mood, and my mood to the weather, and now that it's finally beginning to feel like spring, I am rocking some seriously sun-drenched tunes. But even I, heavy Spotify user that I am, can benefit from these secret Spotify hacks.

OK, fine, they may not really be "secret"; I may just have not known about them before, and now my life is changed forever, OK? Is that what you wanted to hear?

For those of you who do not know what Spotify is, it's a music app. A very, very popular, free, music-listening app with over 30 million songs. It's also an app that you can use on your computer or your phone, thus ensuring that you will be surrounded by good vibes and chill tunes at all times. Sure, there are a select few major artists who have chosen not to have their songs be Spotify-friendly (*ahem* Taylor Swift *ahem*), but generally, you can find what you're looking for.

But you can do more than just make playlists on Spotify. Oh ho ho, there are so many tricks! Here are a few of my faves. What's your favorite Spotify hack?

1. Intensify Your Searches

I am chronically bad at remembering names — names of artists, names of albums, names of songs, names of friends. Modify your Spotify searches by adding in modifiers like "artist: [artist name]," "album: [album name]," or "year: [year]." If you want to exclude a specific album or year, just add "NOT" in front of it. You know, like Borat. Example: "Robyn NOT year:1997"

2. Make Your Playlist Collaborative

Party playlists are A Big Deal with my friends, and every house party inevitably starts with us scrambling over one another trying to figure out the perfect mix of '90s R&B, early aughts pop, and contemporary lady belters. Massively streamline this process by making your playlist collaborative, allowing all of your pals to add songs from their own devices. Open a playlist and click on the three dots in the upper righthand corner, as seen in this first image up top...

...And then scroll down until you see the "Make collaborative" option. The easiest!

3. Crossfade Your Tracks

Another killer party trick: Crossfade your tracks so there's never any weird silences between songs. Under settings, you'll find "Playback"; and from there, adjust the crossfade to your heart's content. Wow, look at you, you are like a real live DJ, dude.

4. Turn Your Device Into A Karaoke Machine

Sometimes, you need to rock some karaoke. Or, maybe you're like me, a person who is constantly mis-hearing lyrics and just needs to know what they're actually saying. Either way, Spotify's "Lyrics" option, in the bottom righthand corner, is an amazing way to turn your laptop into your very own karaoke machine.

"Suga Suga" by Baby Bash is a necessary addition to every playlist ever, and I stand by that statement 100 percent.

5. Protect Your Privacy

It's not so much that I'm embarrassed by listening to Hamilton, as it is the best musical ever; it's more that I'm embarrassed by how many times a day I listen to the soundtrack. But the "Social" tab, found under "Settings" (or maybe "Preferences," depending on your version of Spotify), lets you choose not only to make your listening session private, but to prevent Spotify from publishing your activity to your followers. Private session ON, Publish Activity OFF, Hamilton listening session #546 PLAY.

6. Tweet At Spotify For A Personalized Playlist

@SpotifyCares, the Spotify Customer Service handle, has been creating personalized playlists for users who reach out to them for almost nine years now. Sometimes the playlist has a theme; sometimes there's a hidden message in the song titles; but regardless, someone made you a special playlist. There is light and goodness in the world.

7. Play The Most Dramatic Part Of Any Song

Needing a little energy boost? Craving endless musical drama? Then check out the Spotify plug-in, "Where's the Drama," which will automatically play the climax of every song on your playlist.

8. Recover A Deleted Playlist

No fear, that heavily curated playlist you accidentally deleted is still here! Just log into your account via the Spotify website, and you'll see "Recovered Playlists" at the top of the page.

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